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No EB Bakery

I was wondering why embx61 bakery is not include I love the look of it

The old mod wont work anymore with the upgrade to 10.7

I feel it gives a bit more variety for bakeries

Beside that loving all the new game choices:D

Ride the Waves of Life .... Go with the Flow



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The Old Bakery by embx61 and the Bakery used in CC 1.6 were made around the same time and by coincidence they used the same model. In CC 1.7 and MegaMod, that model was replaced with a new one; however the CC 1.6 Bakery (as well as the one used before that) is still available under Themed Sets>Old Buildings.

In MegaMod 0.07, there are at least 8 Bakeries (including the ones mentioned above): 5 are listed under Food Refining, 2 listed under Themed Sets>Old Buildings and another listed under Themed Sets>Modular Houses! :)

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you can get the eb bakery back by downloading the original file mod and place it above the CC in your mod order.

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