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Roads & Bridges

I would like to see an additional tree, if u can call it that, toolbar option for roads. It never use to be an issue, I suppose in 1.7 some new roads or bridges were added which extended that current roads&bridges tree. I dont care about want or need to have soil or country or any road that does not provide some benefit on my toolbar. What I would like to see is under the roads and bridges tree to have a roads tree and a bridges tree. under roads you would have all the non standard roads and under bridges you would have all bridges.but on the main tab you would have your dirt & stone roads. Or perhaps move the decorative roads under decorations tab. also maybe instead of having 15 road types you change them to be F variants of dirt and stone roads. which could be the soil,country & brick roads. Essentially my issue is that on the resolution i use and the way I set-up my screen the roads are clipping underneath the events tab and I cant click on dirt roads without moving the events tab, so really it is just a early game issue but still an inconvenience. 

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