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MegaMod 0.06 Crashes when quiting

Hello Everyone, I know everyone is working on MegaMod 0.07, but I just came to Banished after 300 hours of play and I saw this mod and I love it.  So I subscribed to this and CC 1.71 and went to play and for 2 days I tried everything except reinstalling Steam.  I can play and save CC 1.71 and have no problems, But I enable MegaMod 0.60 and CC 1.71 and I can save the game but I can not quit the game to try another map. I get fatal crash and then I have to reboot my computer.  Then I tried the MegaMod 0.06 by itself and it does the same crash.


Is there anyone that could help me try to solve this so I may play it?


Thank you for time in this matter!

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2 answers to this question

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MegaMod 0.06 did that to me often. Maybe 0.07 will be better? It has what CC 1.71 has.

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Hi @Corkii1966:)
If you are playing with both MM & CC, the best way to load the game also includes the way you save & enable the mods.

For all mods, but it is moreso with the larger ones, to have the game not crash (as much) is to do the following:1)  Load Banished
2)  Enable the mod(s) you need
3)  QUIT Banished, using the EXIT button
4)  Wait for it to completely shut down

Also, sometimes the game can crash because the Autosave is corrupted, so I also add the following steps:

5)  Load Banished, After the new load of Banished - DELETE the Autosave map from the Maps screen.  OR
5a) BEFORE loading Banished, delete the Autosave file from your SAVES folder (on your harddrive, not within the game)

6)  Restart Banished (not always necessary for a map deletion, but I find it's more stable)

7)  Depending on how different the mods are, you may need to start a new map.  Most modders are careful with their instructions, some will state that they cannot be used with an older map, that you must start a new map.

If all of the above does not work - then do one mod at a time until the crashing on QUIT stops.  You should find though that if you run through these steps making sure you EXIT completely and then restart, things should stabilise.

Good luck :D


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