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1.72 bugs

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1 hour ago, estherhb said:


I so hope that was for real!  

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1. I'm seeing a similar bug to another poster who reported fuel refiners using the wrong production limit. Rather than with fuel refiners, I'm having this problem with two other buildings: precious metal mines and stables. Both reach production limits and won't produce more, even though minerals and miscellaneous materials are respectively not at their limits. Through further testing, I've observed stables and precious metal mines use the textiles limit instead of minerals or miscellaneous.

2. Since upgrading to 1.72, merchants are very picky about which lakeside trading posts they'll visit, even when the lake is quite obviously connected to a wide river (and trading posts along that river get plenty of visits). Sometimes lakeside trading posts work, other times they simply never show up, even after 10+ in-game years. I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or in any way related to Colonial Charter, but I wanted to list it here just in case.

I'm not using ANY mods besides CC 1.72. Has any one else seen either of these behaviors? I hope they're fixable in a future patch (without making our cities crashy).

Thanks to the Black Liquid devs for creating such an amazing mod!


Edited by demon9675
Added info on another possible bug.

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Do you know that you're using an outdated version? You're using 1.72, but 1.73 is the newest version.


We've already fixed the Precious Mines, but the Stable one is new. So thanks, I have now fixed it for the next update.

I have no idea about the merchants at the trading post. There's not really anything that mods can do to affect how they decide to work.

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