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Download CC 1.73

Hello !

I'm downloading the mod CC 1.73 (file ColonialCharterJ.1.73.rar, here). But I have two little problems :

  1. step 1 : when I click on "Download this file", a GoogleDrive page displays : "Small problem... A problem occured with the preview..." (I translate from French).
  2. After, I click on button Download of the small window (step 1), the download begins but my browser does'nt know the file size " Time remaining indeterminate " (I translate from French).

Have other people had this problem?

Thanks !


P.S. Is it possible to indicate the file size next to link to download please ?

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It's a .RAR file, so Google can't do a preview. It's not a problem with anything.


Can definitely put the filesize next time. :)

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