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Thoughts on Clothing

Posted (edited)

Good day all,

I have been thinking of clothing options in game, and would like to make something a bit more interesting. My main issue is the idea of my bannies walking around in nothing but a leather jacket.... must get mighty nippy at times.

So I was looking through some colonial style clothing, and wondering how would be the best way to implement it?

I see a few issues. There only seems to be two categories of clothing, 'Clothing' and 'WarmClothing' which are coded into the game. I am assuming that resource flags do a lot more behind the scenes than just set limits etc. It is a shame there is not a third group of clothing, like basic or super warm. This obviously fixes the trade value of the clothing, and so how much resources can go into each level, which is rather quite limiting. It is good that there is two resources for each clothing and 4 for each warmclothing needed (2 leather for a leather coat) which does make combining things better. However, 2 leather for 1 coat... a 25% loss in value?? 2 leather = 20, 1/2 coat = 15 . I would have thought there would be at least a break even if not an increase there?

So here is my idea...

Level 1 - 'Clothing' - individual resources - makes clothing rather than just jackets. Value 15 each.

Leather Clothing (2 leather, Tailor), Wool Clothing (2 Wool, Tailor), Canvas Clothing (1 Canvas, Seamstress), Linen Clothing (1 Linen, Seamstress). I put only 1 of canvas and linen to respect the fact that you already have an extra work stage in producing them from raw materials compared to leather and wool.

Level 2 - 'WarmClothing' - combined resources - makes clothing rather than just coats. Value 20 each.

Warm Leather Clothing (2 Leather + 2 wool or 1 linen or some feathers)

Warm Canvas Clothing (1 Canvas + 2 wool or 1 linen or some feathers)

Warm Linen Clothing (1 Linen + 2 wool or some feathers)

Level 3 - Full Attire - Combined clothing for trade only (as we don't have a third level) which would be combinations of the above and other things. Value 50 each??


I would e open to increasing the value of the clothing... at the moment we cannot add fur to usable clothing because fur itself is worth 20 (Ketchup's numbers) so a fur coat made from 2 fur (following vanilla template) would need to be worth 30 at least, kinda expensive to be walking around in. We also currently cannot introduce fur hats or leather shoes which would be cool, unless we increase the value a bit and add them to the 'WarmClothing' option for basic hats and shoes and then fancy ones for the trade only option.

Can we have model variants in resources? It would be cool if different models could show up, so one time a coat, another time a tunic or dress, another time some breeches.


What do people think?


Edit - Here are some canvas and linen clothing I made.


Edited by Necora

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Posted (edited)

just a reminder. it is 2 leather for 1 to 2 coat (non-Ed, Educated) and it is 2 + 2 resource for warm coat for 1 to 2 warm coat (non-Ed , eductaed)


it is not 2 leather for 1 coat.

Edited by Ketchup

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@Ketchup right I forgot to check that part thanks.

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