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melting house bugged?

I have 2 melting houses: one for silver pfennigs and one for gold guilders. The one for guilders works just fine, but the one for pfennigs just won't receive the materials it needs to craft the pfennigs.

This sounds like a bug to me... 

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2 answers to this question

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Can you list the mods you're using, in order, with the version numbers?  Everything looks fine in 1.75.

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Inedible Barley

Ridiculous Storage

CC No Smoke

Super Easy Trading

Inedible Milk

Inedible Wheat

1.0.7 Compatibility

Inedible Sorghum

Inedible Coffeebeans

Inedible Sugarbeets

Inedible Canola

Inedible Oats

Inedible Vegetable Oil

Inedible Olives

Inedible Rye

Inedible Sunflowers

CC 1.75

MM 0.07

MM Decopack 0.07

Radius Recolour

Call of Nature Soundtrack (but in this playthrough inactive)

Those are the mods I use, in that order.


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