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So.. How about Vikings`?

I definitely second this suggestion. 

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9 minutes ago, The Pilgrim said:

I definitely second this suggestion. 

So what would the list be? 

Add suggestions

Example of trade building look:

- Reskinned churches /grave yard = Burial mund
- New Townhall / Meeting place ( would still love to have something simple like the Nomad well from the megamod
- new fishery.
- New Simple farm buildings:

Example of farm land:

Norse shrine to the old gods

Reskin of all old building to fit the viking style.

Deco items, simple fences, boats 

Still keep the ship yard mechanic from CC but replace with viking boats, still get whale and seals.

Simple nordic crops that grows in the Scandinavian nations:

Hassle nuts


Just add as many different houses in as possible, I like variation, I wouldnt mind many buildings doing the same thing. like few new looks for a hunters lodge, forresters,, smiths.. just give me all that viking looking goodness!


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I roleplay a VIking village in my current game. The Norwegian trade post of Kaupang :) Stick to the woody buildings and it looks really great!

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And don't forget that @Discrepancy has a Viking Storage Vault in his DS Storage mod http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=216

And he has some stone & thatch round houses in his DS Celtic Houses mod that would not look out of place in a Norse settlement of the viking era http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=244

There has been some talk of other celtic buildings in various discussions, hopefully some of the modders will have the time to make some more :)

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