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Duplicate Starts?

It is not causing any problems in-game, but I happened to notice this when I started a new map the other day.

I use, in this order:

Ridiculous Storage

Maritimes modular sets

D20 medieval houses


tree growth and life

Natural Diversity

hot crops

Compatibility 1.0.7

CCJ 1.75 (beta enabled in steam)

MM 0.07

Mega Deco 0.07

I'm thinking that the only ones that could create duplicate nuevo arbol starts in the new game menu are CCJ 1.75 and MM 0.07, since i'm using CCJ 1.75 but MM 0.07 also has a copy of CCJ 1.71, could that be it? this doesn't seem to be causing me any performance issues, i just noticed them listed twice...


nuevo dup.JPG

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But they aren't the same starts.

What you have shown is normal. One says "Nuevo Arbol - Medium", the other says "Nuevo Arbol Lite - Medium" they are two different starts.

The Note tip below where you select the start condition says the Lite version is for performance.

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