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Hey there,

I started a new town a few days ago.

Like usual, playing Adam & Eve start, 1:1 aging and at 1x speed. ^_^



Here are the mods I'll be using in that town (feel free to tell me if you notice something useless or whatever) :


one year is one year [Replaced] Norseman (Thanks to @Ketchup for pointing it out to me)

Font - Roboto


Better Rain sound

Better Stock Piles


Happiness Radius

Unhappiness Radius

Natural Diversity v1.0.1


CC: 1.75 Journey

EB Unified Mod

Adriana's College

Adriana's Library

City Roads v2.0 for 1.0.7

Irrigate BETA

Tropical Greenhouse

DS Ale House

DS Blast Furnace & Industry Mining

DS Celtic House

DS Small Village - Services

DS Storage

DS Tunnel Mine (CC version)

DS Tunnels

Garden Walls for 1.0.7

Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7

Old Blacksmith v1.1 for 1.0.7

Old Hunter Hut v1.1 for 1.0.7

Old Tailor House v1.1 for 1.0.7

Red Creamery: Main for 1.0.7

Red Creamery: Cows for 1.0.7

D20 Medieval Houses


I already started an album too.

I'll update it after each playing session. 9_9


Edited by Takit
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I don't like the Tall Greenboy tree look in winter.

So, I've ghosted A Meanderwood tree on it.


At spring and summer , they have the same color.



In autumn, they got 2 different tints, but that's not shocking. Is it ?



In winter, the tall one doesn't look all "nude" anymore.


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For those who prefer to see all the images in a row, I've uploaded them on my website.

Visit: Silvern

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Right now, they are seven. 4 adults, 3 children.

I won't always do that, but that's easy to do now, here's the genealogy:


♂    Dormann
♀    Rillary
        ♂    Rose
        ♀    Gearlee
        ⁞    ♥
        ⁞        ♀    Pamelia
        ♂    Hosterlin
        ♀    Annmarion

( Yea, that's disgusting. )

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