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Choose what to eat

My people continuously bring in their house what I would like to selling. I put several structures together (such as pasture + dairy + bakery) but a notable part of what they produce finish in houses. It would not a problem for most, but it is for special items like tinned vegetables that I spend a lot to produce and which is stupid to use seen I have normal vegetables there to be eat.


Is there something I can do? Is this dealt in another topic?


Thanks to all

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Hi @Trench44

You can do a couple of things:

1)  Build a trading post, even a small one, straight away:
Build your production line around that area, and have a very large number set in the trading post for your goods - so the traders are constantly looking to fill the orders (even if you're not ready to sell yet).
Tinned Vegetables = 10000; Flour = 50000 etc etc

2)  Build a specialist warehouse, or similar (depends on what mods you have):
This is my preferred way (for me, so I don't get early traders) that use workers to staff it and hold the stock, just like a trading post, but it's a warehouse.  The Bannies can't access these resources until you 0 the amounts (just like a trading post).  
--  Included in CC is a Resource Depot ,
--  Included in MM is Warehouse Inc. v1.0:   Adds a warehouse staffed by stockers. Tell them how much of each item you want to be stored (tools, clothing, food, etc.) and they will find those items and put them in storage until you release those items. Use multiple Warehouses to move items to various map locations.
--  I personally use a mod by @Ketchup The Warehouse Inc 2.0 which is excellent & has a good size storage amount (it doesn't require additional building elements which make it excellent for early game development). it is by the same modder who did Warehouse Inc v1.0 included in MM.  Ketchup has a huge range of other mods as well :)

3) Inedible Foods:
Use the 'inedible' range of mods that are available, not all food is covered, but it may help you at least at the start to get some of the production under control.

4)  Specialised markets:
Set up 1 right next to the trading post / warehouse, and the market vendor will chase the map looking for the range of products you need.
Once you have enough in the market.  0 the builders, then 'demolish' the market, the good will go to the local storage & picked up by the Warehouse.  Then reclaim the market (they won't pick up the goods because the vendors can't access the Warehouses).

Using the above 3/4 methods you can get a really good system in place, you can't prevent some items for making it into homes, but you have a good fighting chance of making sure you get the lion's share for the trading posts. :)

To move stock around, set up 2 (or 3 points), with at least 1 Warehouse next to the trading dock.
If you have a production centre on one side of the map, set up a warehouse there, and another next to the dock you want to trade from, when you need to move the goods - set the trading post to a higher number, and the next door warehouse (so you double the Bannies looking to gather the resources), then either 0 or just lessen the original amount in the 1st warehouse, so: Warehouse A, Warehouse B & Trading:
Warehouse A = 50000 -> 45000 (-5000)
Warehouse B = 50000
Trading Post = 50000 

Warehouse B & Trading Post will rush off to pick up the 5000 you just released, then you can move from warehouse B to trading post

It's not elegant, and no doubt there are other more interesting ideas people use :)  But this is how I move goods around when I need to.  I cleared the map of charcoal yesterday this way :D

Good luck :D

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Thank you very much!

I will study them hard so that I can understand what is better in my case.
I would never expect a so quick and pro answer... and I didn't expect this forum was so crowned.

Cheers and good luck to you too! =D

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I wish we had the ability to select what markets were allowed to sell like Pharaoh had. Although, if the people can just grab food at the storage barn themselves then it's not foolproof.

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