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Advanced Building Materials

A few days ago Luke released the new beta. One of its features is allowing buildings with more than 3 resources for construction. Because of that, I suggest the Building Supplier get another output: Advanced Building Supplies. Recipe would be Bricks + Joists + Glass and have a higher trade value. That way more advanced buildings could require Building Supplies and Advanced Building Supplies.

While you're at it, why not Fine Building Supplies too? It could be made from Hardwood Planks (made from hardwood at sawmills but not saw pits), Stone, and Copper Pipes.

With those two new construction materials, my most advanced row houses could be made with Advanced Building Supplies, Fine Building Supplies, Housewares (fancy for final tier), and Lamp Oil or Candles (or Lighting fixtures made from lamp oil + glass + iron or candles + brass).

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