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Constant Crashes and Aeon-lengthed Loading Screens

Hey! I would just like to say that I absolutely adore both the mega mod and Colonial Charters, but lately I've been having a problem with the two.

First, when I open the game, the loading screen takes an absolute monolithic time period to actually load up (I'm talking 10-15 minutes here) and when I DO get into the game, specifically on one save I have, the game crashes after 5 minutes or so with a message saying "Fatal error" or something amongst those lines, and in the crash document is a bunch of spaghetti that I think only the developer can decipher. Now a bug I seem to have noticed that may be tied to all of this is that the save is right before I build a industrial fuel (or furnace fuel) crafter, and a strange phenomena seems to occur. The limit for furnace fuel always resets to 0, no matter what I do. If I put it all the way to 9999999 it resets to 0 the second I leave the screen, making the crafter useless and making me incapable of progressing beyond shacks. The one time it did work and produce a little bit of fuel, the game crashed not 5 minutes later. Can I get some help with this?

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Hi @Vermoin

Reading your post though, I do wonder though, my first question is (and it always is anyway ;) ):
Are you running Banished 1.0.7
Are you running the MM Compatibility Mod
  --  Without the compatibility mod for Banished & MM 1.0.7 there are going to be lots of nasty bugs.  

I wrote this post out yesterday, someone else having problems with MM & MM Deco mods, so I figured it's a good start with you as well.

Take a look at it, run through the steps and see what happens.

Try this first

Then this
What I would suggest, in addition for you, is to also delete the AutoSave file that is in the save folder, D:\Users\SuperSnoopy\Documents\Banished\Save\Auto.sav
(Only delete when you have the game completely closed)

Then this some more
If you're still having problems after walking through my little help tutorial, and after deleting the Autosave files, then when you load your map:
1)  First thing - Pause the game completely
2)  Find all new build sites, anything that is being built - pause it
3)  Find all demolishing sites - anything being demolished, pause it  
4)  Set all builders to 0 
5)  Save the map as a new save
6)  Run the map - see if the crash happens still - if the crash doesn't happen, we know it's on a building site somewhere, just need to know what one, refer to the tips below. :)   
      If it does crash and you've made sure the installers are ok, you have the compatibility mod, you have them enabled in the correct order etc, then more troubleshooting is needed. 

A couple of notes for the above
- If you are having problems finding all the sites, use the Town Hall menu, click the 'builders' button in the professions list, it takes you to all the sites - the Professions UI screen will not do this - only the Town Hall screen;
- Are you demolishing a Nomad attractor?  These are known to cause bugs, and crashes, if so cancel the demolish task, let the next lot of nomads come, pause the came immediately after they settle, then demolish it as a priority.  The bug was supposed to have been squashed but there are some who have still had it on occasion, not sure why.


Please let us know how you get on :)

The walkthru for you - this is what should be done first, after figuring out if you have Banished version 1.0.6 or Banished 1.07

22 hours ago, QueryEverything said:

Hi @Dora

Are you running Banished 1.0.7?
Are you running in Steam or, just Banished?
Are both of them in the same folder?
Are they definitely both the correct .PKM files?

-- It may be that the Mega Mod (MM) mod did not download correctly, have you checked that you have the correct file size?
This screenshot if from my downloads folder - not from my Banished/WinData folder, which is why it has both file types :)


This screenshot is what is in my Banished/WinData folder


-- If you are running Banished 1.0.7 you will also need to use the MM Compatibility mod which is here: 

To make sure that they run correctly in game, enable them in the following order:
- 1.0.7 Compatibility ( @Kralyerg / @estherhb / @ShockPuppet - had I pointed out the typo previously?  1.0.7 Compaibility, should be:  1.0.7 Compatibility :D )
- CC:  1.7X  (whatever version is the most current, or that you are running, if any) - if no CC, disregard, it is not necessary :)  
- MegaMod 0.07 (MM)
- MegaMod DecoPack 0.07


--- Once you've checked that the 2 files are correct, that they have the correct sizes, and that both .PKM files are in the Banished/WinData folder then load Banished.
- Load Banished
- Enable both MM & MM Deco mods
- Press Ok
- Wait for the game to go to the main menu
- Exit the game completely (this is very important, it stops game crashes later)
- Load Banished
- Check the mods


All of this should now mean that the game is running properly.  Be aware that because MM & MM Deco are large mods the load times can be quite long, so your screen will go black for a few minutes.  Some players go off and grab a drink / snacks etc, others have said that their game loads faster when they have Alt+Tabbed to another program (I browse the internet when I load each day), some say it shaves off load time, but I haven't timed it - I think it may be a case of 'preoccupation', that you're not waiting for the load screen, so you don't realise how long it's taking. :D

If you're still having problems, and you definitely have the right file sizes, and you have them in the right folders, then please post a screenshot of your mods menu and your Banished/WinData folder when you come back, there may be something that is simple, that's being overlooked. :)

Please let us know how you get on. :D




Edited by QueryEverything
minor fixes
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On 6/24/2017 at 7:25 PM, QueryEverything said:

I wrote this post out yesterday, someone else having problems with MM & MM Deco mods, so I figured it's a good start with you as well.

@QueryEverything, one of the most kind and generous helpers of new posters... there ought to be an award.

the ability to find information and advice is one of many reasons banished and its community (especially the fine folks here at BL) remain superb. you folks are a cut above.

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Thank you very much @BuildHappy I try & be as helpful as I can. :)
You're always very nice, and share a lot as well.  I do agree with you - the community is a terrific one, and I do enjoy being here. Which is why I give my time up so easily to do so. :D

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