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Years 10+ Food shortage and dying

Apologises if this isn't in the right place but the heading of the forum saying help and support about playing the game led me here.

I can't seem to produce enough food. As soon as I get passed year 10 food becomes a real problem and people just start dying all over the place. I just can't seem to get the balance right. 

Suggestions? Ideas on how many farms, orchards, gathers, hunters etc I should be aiming for.

Also how many farms should you have working each field. Same goes for herdsmen. 

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My early start is:

 - 2 Gatherer huts 5 workers each (They produce a ton early & only cost few resources.)

 - 1 Hunter (leather&feathers to make clothing)

After that comes the time to slowly buy lifestock to fill pastures.

I don't even bother with farms, pastures, orchards, fisheries until way later, due to long build up time, or low food output.

If you are running low, you can also use the harvest food tool, in the removal toolbar.

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gatherer, hunting lodge, fishing dock (or the one from the dock set), and depending on my starting settings a pasture, and later on I start building orchards and crop fields

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10x10 fields.1 farmer each. i use 1 food worker per 5 bannies.food worker being farmers,hunters,gatherers,beekeepers,etc. what i think you are experiencing is population growth. babies and children require 100 food each,as much as an adult. with the babies being born your population and food needs goes up.also in early game it is a good idea to build a food reserve.this can conver missteps later. are you clearing land too much in winter? farmers become laborers then. if they are far away it, takes time to  get back to their fields.this can cost you a crop.

this can also be affected by different age mods.i run the propertime mod to give a 1:1 rate plus it adjusts the child bearing and school ages.i try to keep houses to 1 per every 2 adult workers.in the beginning of games to push the population,you can adjust and as females get to be 16 build houses.

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Hiya @djayk85:)
What mods are ou running?  Just MM, CC?
Are you running the new Natural Diversity or any of the Maritimes Mods?

I've found that if I build too many houses quickly that my people take a food hit, because with each new house, new 'food storage', so if you're finding that at around year 10 you're always at the point where you're building new houses, then that may be a trigger for you, that and all the babies born at the start of the game are ready to age up - if you don't have a school, they will leave home, again taking more food away from storage and putting it into a new house.

To keep food well under control, keep housing under control - it's a real balance, and it's hard, but you will find your flow.  

A couple of things I do (from the beginning), all these are the cheapest quickest buildings, we are going for quick start mode here, and building a lavish town centre later
You will need to have the game paused, and pre-plan a few of these things, and this is why I use 4 builders to begin with :)

Delete all the Vanilla housing, except for 1 house (normally next to the barn)
Build a tiny school ASAP - get that first Bannie straight away into education!!!!  
Place a farm (I do 15xX whatever space I have cleared at this point) - plant, plant, plant - before Winter comes
Place a pasture (if using a busy pastures mod, a starter 10x10 is all you need)
Set up a Forestry area, forester - gatherer - hunter - herbalist
Set up a waterlands area, maritimes fisheries OR dock fisheries from MM docks
Build tailor & blacksmith (near the town centre) - get the blacksmith going straight away, if you have a mod that uses log tools, start with them
Build a log cutter, the smallest possible next to the stock pile
Once that is done, I build a small market near the forestry node, as well as some small houses as that's where the core of my workers will be.
A small hospital between the town centre and the node, as well as a small herbalist, or use the herbs market from the puzzle market

I allocate 4 builders to the task, and where possible pre-clear all the land, I'm gathering resources at the same time, but it also allows the forester to get to their job quicker if they're not trying to clear stones & iron etc.  

Once if I start running out of workers then I move them around, once I have enough tools, then they become a tailor, once I have enough herbs they become an X, and so on.

Juggling is the key here, but if you can get a good food supply going with your maritimes and dock mod pieces, you will be good through Winters.  

Build houses as you need them. 

It's not perfect, but it's how I normally start my games off.


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Hi @QueryEverything

So I'm using the following:

CC 1.75
Extra Leather
Increased ResourceCC

I have only just got MaritimesRiffle and NatDiv but not played with it yet. 

I've only just come back to the game and discovered CC and MM so I was playing around with MM to start with the other day and got to 25 years but had to keep spamming Add food in the Debug menu because I kept running out every few years. 

I think part of the problem was Nomads as well. Do you accept them or turn them away? If you accept do you create more food gathering buildings for them to work in?

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If you're running Banished 1.0.7 (which you would be if you've just updated), then you need to be running the MM Compatibility mod with MM & CC.

Load this above CC and MM. And load CC above MM. Like so:

Then that should also balance things out for you as well.

Maritimes set & NatDiv need to be run over the top of the MM set, NatDiv will affect the start conditions, so just be aware of that when it happens :)  That's meant to happen!
--  If you do decide to get more Maritimes mods, including the Pine set, tag me and I'll post the order that they need to be in, if you can't see the post where the modder @Necora explained it, he has it in such a way where his mods and NatDiv are compatible as start options, together - so you get the best of both worlds :D

  • Increased ResourceCC
  • IronIsIron
  • Extra Leather
  • Maritimes Riffle
  • NatiDiv
  • 1.0.7 Compatibility
  • CC 1.75
  • MM 0.07
  • MM 0.07 Deco Pack

Given you have CC & MM - what I would also suggest as a starter food source, is also laying a couple of duck hunters along your water ways, if you can get a really good spot, you can get some good food!!  Even when not in a CC start, I did it the other day and was still getting duck meat on a Vanilla Easy - so ....  you can try :D

For me, I make my decisions also based on what Protein (animal) and seeds I get at the start of the map.
Beef, easy - 2-4 pastures, straight away, I have a milk mod somewhere (I can't remember which mod gives milk), so I get meat and milk
Chickens, 2 - no more than that, they give eggs & feathers in no time.  Feathers & Reeds from the docks reeds, make outfits.  Eggs can then build chicken layers from docks, place 2 of them next to a bakery that makes veg quiche, (from World of Banished), and voila, 2nd tier food in no time

So - it's about the sort of food you begin with, and how you then plan from there.  I normally bin a lot of maps before I get to a good one.  I'm a fussy moo about that.

I do accept nomads, in fact I have 2 nomad attractors, especially early on in game, I know it stuffs up the education rating, but normally I they go to low menial work - like laboring, and if food is really tight, then every 2nd nomad request.

With your forestry setup try this:

Side one  --(road, 1 tile)  Side 2
Forester  --  Gatherer
Hunter  --  Herbalist
storage  -- Wild Food collector
storage -- storage  -- wild bees (the left bees, not the right - some players find in the food section there are 2 bees)
(Try and use food specific storage, fruit, protein, veg, grain etc) and a small general storage for the hunters to use etc
Then, from anywhere (normally from the back of the forester to the side, for me) a 1x30 long "all" stockpile, to the edge of the forester radius
Then setup your 2nd tier production buildings there.  

I know it may seems couter-productive at first also setting up butchers, but they are certainly worth it.  You will take a hit when they first pick up the meats, but - their output is excellent.
Make sure you have a protein specific storage right next to them - also, a protein market elsewhere that will keep moving the meat around, so the storage next to the butcher should never get too full, if it starts to get full, 0 your builders, and 'demolish' it, then wait for it to empty, then reclaim

I use a lot of specific storage units and markets so I can control produce movement, and building requirements.  If I have a big mining colony somewhere, but a blacksmith & glassworks on the other side of town then I use material specific markets next to the production buildings and let the merchants run around, rather than then blacksmiths, or the other workers - let them get on with their jobs.  It's the same (and more so) for the food producers.

Setup a food specific area, a butchery section, bakery, 2nd tier food processing, have the relevant food storage (use storage boosts if you need to) & markets, and let the merchants run, gather the food from the storage at the foresters, the barns, the pastures & farms, and if you're using a food drying mod (fish), then from the fishing docks too - lettng the merchants go and get the foods means that your workers can concentrate on putting the food together, into storage.
Then your general marketers, will come back and pick up your 2nd tier food, and take them to your Bannie communities.

Making sure you have a small market in each of your housing areas will help as well - the less your Bannies need to travel to look for things, the faster they can get back to work, which also means - even if you have to make log tools as a starter - then that's what you do - don't let the Bannies run out of tools, that will starve you quicker than a dry lake!! :(

Lots of tips, and it's all about juggling, but I'm sure you'll find something there that jells with you and that you will be able to do, and that it makes sense, and hopefully stop your Bannies starving!!

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Wow there lots of information lol.

First off I tried to tag you but I don't know if I did it correctly and if it worked???

Yeah I'm using 1.0.7 and have the compatibility mod and think I have the load order correct will cross ref it with your post above. The order I posted above was just me looking through the Windata folder and typing randomly not the actual order in the game. 

A big problem I find is trying to get enough "resources" to make tier two items. In the past I have tried to make Ale, however they eat all of the required foodstuff before they make it to the brewery.

So let me see if I have this correct. Have a market place near an industry so that the resources for the industry get moved around quickly to produce tier 2 items and food. Then have a market place near the residential area so that the residents don't have to travel far for their food and the people employed at the market place will do all the moving around of goods between the two market places?

Also do you start looking at tier 2 food and items in year one or is it a further down the line you look at creating them?

I've read that it's good to have your assigned workers live next to or near what they're assigned to. how do you do that when they randomly move in. 

Also the way you're describing the forest area I have sketched this out. Do you mean like the picture I've attached?


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Give me a few mins @djayk85 :)  Let me get a screenshot of what I mean.  

 But - yes, close!!  Very close - play around with that, until you find how comfortable you feel with it, and how it works for you.

- I use mini markets - specific markets, and only 1 merchant per small 1 - and only as the Bannie numbers are increasing, you don't want to have a merchant when you need a fisherman ;)

- Housing, sometimes it's the luck of the draw - you can try and reset them as much as you can.  Set your builders to 0, 'demolish' all the houses, wait for all the contents to be empty, then go back and start to claim back the housing, if you start getting singles, or elderly when you still have young families needing homes, evict them and start again - keep going until you're happy.

- Ale, I don't worry about that until way, way, way later - I know others will set it up earlier, I don't.  Food is always my preference, so if they're eating berries rather than it being made into ale, I'm ok with that.

- You can use 'inedible mods', but they take a lot of getting used to.  I use inedible meats & a couple of others, forcing the Bannies to wait until Tier 2 food production, so I have to be very quick with the butchers etc.  In fact, I use a small Work Place mod by Kid from World of Banished which has a 1 tile Butcher, I place 3 next to the hunters and set it to Venison, straight away.
I set 2 hunters, 2 butchers (as soon as I have enough Bannies to have increased from 1:1) then, to 3 butchers).  If I have livestock like cows or sheep, then I set up a couple next to the pastures as well - making sure I have protein storage right there.  
--  I don't recommend using inedible mods until you get comfortable with them, ie - don't load 10 of them all at once :D  Unless you really want a challenge!!  OR unless you pre-build some of your village (if you role play a 'found civilisation game' etc) where you have a butcher, baker etc ready to go.

I'll be back ... 

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Let's see if these screenshots give some inspiration, it's been a while since I've used straight up MM & CC, haha :D  I've got a few other mods in there so I was all twisted in & out .... but, this is the basis of how I start a new forester node.  It would change depending on the starting crop & animal (butcher requirement etc, and if I have a really good fishing spot, I may not need 2 butchers, I might go for a food processing unit - fish drying rack etc.


Screenshot1 - 20170707 1222.jpg

Screenshot7 - 20170707 1222.jpg

Screenshot11 - 20170707 1233.jpg

Screenshot13 - 20170707 1234.jpg

Screenshot15 - 20170707 1235.jpg

Screenshot17 - 20170707 1235.jpg

Screenshot1 - 20170617 1119.jpg

20170609 1336 Screenshot65.jpg

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Ah I see what you mean now. 

Now about market places the people employed at the market place will do all the moving around of goods between the marketplaces and the storage barns

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Also, don't forget to pay attention to how many the babies are born each year because they eat the same amount of food. And use the trader to exchange any excess items for food. People usually produce massive fuel (firewood) because they worth a lot compared to most food and are easy to produce.

To me, food shortage is the most hated part of this game. I hate hoarders who stack a lot of food in their houses. :face31:

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I'd disagree with the advice to not build fishing docks. Building a fishing dock as early as you can is a great way to get a lot of food after just a couple of years.

I'd also suggest changing your crop field size to 15x8 or 12x10 and using just one farmer. This provides the second best food production of any crop field size and will produce 840 food per educated worker compared to a 10x10 field which will produce 700 units of food per educated worker. The best field size for food production is 11x11 which will produce 847 food per educated worker. I use field size of 15x8 because I personally prefer a field that looks like a rectangle and not a square.

If you want to see a comparison of food production for the crop fields, orchards and livestock paddocks, I totally recommend you play around with the Field Size Calculator found on the Banished Info site - direct link here https://banishedinfo.com/tools/size-calculator/crops

EDIT: Also, it can be worth building extra storage barns early in your start and increasing the food limit on production to say 30,000 or more. Let them over produce food so that you have a healthy stockpile building up before you hit Year 10.

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