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Sustainable village on water?

So I've been pondering this question, whether it would be possible to build a village on water with no land connection.

Using CC, Mega Mod and Maritime Sets, food, basic clothing, lumber, herbs & fuel can be made solely on water. which should covers most of the basics.

The main production buildings will be fisheries (for food), chicken breeders (for food&feathers), reed farms, rice farms & ale brewer

Some Problems:

Graveyard cant be imported, or rather dead bannies can't be exported, so an exception will be made. Graveyards will be built on those smaller central islands.

Lumber can be made, however the building requires iron. Iron needs to be made from iron ore on land or traded.

The dock workshop only makes rough tools and survival coat. Low durability! Feathers for survival coat can be produced at the chicken breeder, however, how to get the 12 required chicken early? Hunting ducks is unreliable, too


The idea was to build only on water, while initially harvesting resources on land, before I could overproduce for trade with tools, reeds, rice & ale to import missing goods.

However, before the dock could be finished, iron ore ran out. And with the amount of items in the game, it can take many years for the trader to deliver useful goods. Then all nearby trees were cut and the driftwood finder doesn't nearly produce enough wood to fuel a wooden village growth. And so on. With the land barren, people starving, without tools and the trader delivering year after year useless items, a change in plan was required. So until the production is further advanced on water, some supportive buildings have been built near the cost.

Currently, the following buildings are on land:

dense tree shack

iron shack

iron ore shack

coal shack

boarding house

nomad well (needed to replace starved & frozen bannies)

old castle (from Old Castle - Hard starting condition)

small fuel refinery

small iron smelter

wild shepherd (for early goods to trade)


Any feedback, comments, on how to best proceed?

Are there any other mods with contains buildings that are buildable on water?

And here's the currently not sustainable village :D





Officially broke contact to all land in winter 18. Turns out the building set is designed to be almost selfsustaining. It can produce all required materials & goods to survive&expand, except for iron ore. One does need to acquire once 100 rice and 12 eggs though to get started.

The only buildings on land were two graveyards on two small islands and the village was growing quite nicely, until...

a disease spread. With no waterbuildable hospitals and the dense population, it spread like wildfire. Well damn, so much for this attempt:


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An interesting idea @Banished&Used but as you've mentioned, there's some services that just are not available for any over-water village at the moment (e.g. a hospital, townhall, boarding house). For some variety I would recommend Discrepancy's DS Jetty & Bridge set found here http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=188 and I'd also recommend Necora's Maritimes mod, specifically the PEI Shore Fisheries and the NS Inshore Fisheries as they add some other services (rope maker, lumber cutter) as well as add a lot of variety. Both of those mods can be found in the download section here on the BlackLiquid site http://blackliquidsoftware.com/index.php?/files/category/13-maritimes/ 

I'm thinking that it might be worthwhile asking one of the modders if they could make some more over-water buildings to fill the gap caused by the lack of hospital etc. etc. however there will always be the issue of food variety to keep the citizens happy & healthy - they're going to need vegetables and fruits to supplement the chicken, fish & rice if they are to reach the full level of health and happiness. I wonder if Kid would consider making an over-water versions of his tomato greenhouse from the Tequila Add-on mod? It could be changed to allow other vegetables or fruit to be grown. 

In fact, instead of just thinking about it, I'll actually make the suggestion!

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