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Wrong mod order? Crashes all around

Could anyone take a look at my current mod list? It keeps crashing every few min, even on new maps. I followed the above/below install instructions, whenever there where any, but apparently, there's either an oversight on my part, or an incompatibility. Any help is appreciated :D

Mod List (from top to bottom):

- Banished UI: Mod

- Busy Pastures

- Bigger Wheelbarrows for 1.0.7

- EB Natural Irrigation System

- Garden Walls: Utility for 1.0.7

- I See Fire v1.0 for 1.0.7

- Kid - Alotofseeds Trader 1.4

- Kid - Broadway Tower V1.1

- Kid - House Boat V1.3

- NMT3.0Series: LittleHousing

- RK Minimized Status for 1.0.7

- RK StoneWalls Kit1 for 1.0.7

- Crystal Cliffs

- FastRoad75

- Forest Deep V3

- Maritimes Riffle

- Maritimes Storage Collection v100

- Sherbrooke Village

- Tree House V3

- Maritimes Dock Set

- Maritimes PEI Shore

- NS Inshore Fisheries

- Better Stock Piles

- Natural Diversity v1.0.1

- Increased CC

- NMT3.1Series: Canal Set 1.0.7

- Blacksmith Tools

- Inedible (Beef, Bison Meat, Charge, Cheval, Milk, Mutton, Pork, Venison, Rye, Wheat) (just bundled them here for convenience, they are listed in that order from top to bottom)

- NMT3.0Series: Clay Chain 1.0.7

- Quiet CC

- 1.0.7 Compaibility

- CC: 1.75 Journey

- Pine Set

- MegaMod 0.07

- MegaMod DecoPack 0.07

- Cathedral

- CC: Light Rain

- Better Rain sound

- Grass Guardian

- Time Is Money (Alternative)

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Thank you so much. It's crazy. The game doesn't crash anymore with that mod order :)

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Very much so, indeed. 50 years, 1000 pop into a new map and still the running beautifully. 

Just wishing my pc was better, as 10x ain't no more fun ;) 

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x10 treating you like it's x1?  Ugh, I know that feeling @Banished&Used, haha!

Glad to read that you're doing well.  Please let us know if something happens again. :D


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