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Crashes w/o Changes?

back in april, i experienced some crash issues because i installed CC Journey 1.75 but was not enrolled in beta on steam.

after opting into beta and making sure compatibility, deco, mega and journey were all in the right order, all my crash issues stopped. (screen snip is of the mod order list i finally updated this month, although the mods have been happily in this order since april.)

since then, i have enjoyed many weeks of smooth, stable game play - until today. i can play for 1.5 - 2 hours, then get the dreaded runtime-steam-x64.dll error. town populations are still less than 100, i hadn't time to start trade, and and no serious production chains are going yet, apart from basic food and fuel. i'm using new random maps each time, and doing no terraforming.

i have added no new mods. i have changed no mod orders. i have no issues with my GPU or drivers, or other specs. other games - heavier games like cities skylines and sims 3 that are much harder on my system - run as smooth as ever with no crash issues.

i am at a loss to explain or troubleshoot this issue....

July 2017 Mod Order.JPG

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@BuildHappy I have a couple of ideas on this load order, I need to just take a minute on it, but just wanted to let you know I have seen this post. :)

Firstly, what I normally do when there is an 'unknown' crash is:

- look at the map, what new buildings are being built from the last save onwards (are you loading from the last save), and go ahead, pause all the new builds.
- have you deleted the Autosave file, sometimes they can be corrupted.

If the game runs longer than normal, then start to unpause buildings, a couple at a time and see if there is a build crash somewhere.

I found a while back, there was a build crash, took me a while to find because I had so many projects on the go.


Are you using the Pine Set and NatDiv, as a pair - as in, the Pines changes the start trees, but NatDiv adds all the start resources?
If so, I find that it's helpful to have them placed together, further up in the mod load order as they are 'heavy' in the way they alter the game start menu.

I wrote out a mod order list over here, also wrote a few tips on different mods, and why I load them the way I do:  

- Also, rather than using Minrathous mods, which were written for Banished a while ago, I now use @Kralyerg's mod:  IncreasedCC which he wrote for @estherhb


Wildlife v1 - can you elaborate on that one, perhaps link me to it - I wonder if that may be causing a little issue with the new Banihsed, not sure, but if it runs similar to the old DarkBiBou ToL mod, then that may be an issue.  Wouldn't hurt to read the find print on it.

I'd also move Kid's mods lower than "working" mods, those that change function, storage or resources.  (ie move the mining over them), make sure extra leather & increasedCC is also at the top, in the first group of mods.

I just find that having things that change the start of gameplay are at the top :)  Kral explained it all in a post, and I can't find it now, sorry. :(

---------- ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ ----------

Sooooo sorry, forgot to add:  (and this is why I wanted to wait until my brain unfroze before typing, but I couldn't stop myself).
WARNING WARNING WARNING - this post has been updated!!

When updating mod order, or adding new mods, removing mods etc - it is so important to completely EXIT Banished and let it reload.
I wouldn't risk a large *favourite, OMG_THIS_IS_MY_LIFEZ_WORKX* map when taking out one set of boosters (being the Mint's ones, for the IncCC ones), I have done so, and I didn't have a problem - the resources changed production values, but there were no crashes, but this is on you as a user - remember, backup, backup, backup. :D  Test on a small map, one where you've used it, but it doesn't matter if you trash it - an older one, not a new one.

I would always backup my WinData file before proceeding, and it's great you're not like me with over 200+ mods, I've recently decided to redo them all, someone let Steam sync onto a new PC user in online mode ...  Someone shouldn't do things like that when ill.  Anyways, it's a valuable lesson in backups, which thankfully I had, but I now have 2 Banished copies, my main core game and from the Steam sale, a 2nd play for beta testing mods etc, so it was a win win ;) ... 

Moving back to YOUR topic Happy, lol... sorry.

Backup - copy your WinData file
Copy your Save Files

Delete the mods no longer using, add the new ones, then follow my 10 step process.  I know, boring, right ;)

1)  Load Banished
2)  Navigate to mods screen
3)  Arrange mods into required order
4)  Press OK
5)  Wait for game to 'enable' the new order
6)  Back to main screen
7)  EXIT game entirely
8)  Load Banished
9)  Check mod load order, make sure all is ok
10) Load a new map

If you are loading into an existing map, go through 1-9, then for 10:
10)  Load existing map
11)  Go to mods menu, scroll down until you find the new mod, enable it
12)  Go to main menu - SAVE the map, in a new save space
13)  Personal preference:  I will EXIT & LOAD Banished again, just to be sure, others have said they don't need to - this comes down to personal preference. :D

Edited by QueryEverything
ramblings of a crazy lady ;)

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@QueryEverything thanks so much for all you continue to do for the community here, you give so much time, it's amazing.

a few answers for your reply, sorry if they're jumbled:

  • i think NatDiv grass only shows up on vanilla starts? i have been using nuevo arbol very mild custom start for a long while now, and do not set up a thatcher, so i don't think NatDiv affects my game. (there's no grass, so i don't get thatch unless i trade for it, and i build fenceless pastures and stone houses, etc.)
  • all 4 crashes were with brand new starts and random map seed numbers (not previous saves loaded) so there were no auto-saves to delete. i don't keep old saves much anyhow, and never keep auto-saves. any time i hit save for any reason, i delete auto saves and more often than not delete several previous towns. usually there's 2 or 3 towns in my saves - no more.
  • i was on average 90 minutes to 2 hours into each game, and had no paused buildings. i was generally only 4-8 game years in, i was still getting steady food and fuel supplies going, only adding one or two houses per year, not placing any buildings my folks didn't need right away.
  • i wrote out my mod order list in july (a couple weeks ago) but i've been playing with this order since updating to CC Journey 1.75 back in april, and have neither added, moved, nor subtracted anything since then. i have been playing on average 30-40 hours per month since april, with very smooth steady game performance, until yesterday.
  • here's a steam link to wildlife by Zen Industries, all it does in increase the radius of foresters, hunters and gatherers, and allow for larger staff. i have been using it about as long as the all-mining by Xez, a year or more, without issue. (it only affects the vanilla buildings. you don't get bigger circles or staffs with custom buildings, i think because wildlife is old, released in 2014.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343395307&searchtext=
  • my more SWILs (stone, wood, iron, leather) have also functioned fine since i first got them. i will check out Kralyerg's Increased, but since nothing has added or moved or changed or enabled or disabled or uninstalled since april, i'm not thinking the SWILs have anything to do with my crashes.
  • i'm always careful to exit, reload, back up windata, etc. when i make changes or additions to my mods (all your excellent tips and advice.) this would apply if i had changed anything since april, but i haven't.


i'll keep trying...


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Hiya @BuildHappy,

Apologies if you thought I had forgotten you, I hadn't - I was thinking of the best way of working this out, I think the process of elimination will be good, and tricking your game a little.

Can you please download the little app here:  http://worldofbanished.com/index.php?topic=790.msg34744#msg34744 and run it.

It's a safe little app, you can even leave it in the Banished folder, you don't need to take it out of there whilst Banished is running.

Once you've run the app, can you please post the resulting .txt file back here, or you can PM me if you would like, just drop it onto the paperclip, the files can be uploaded just like the screenshots.

"But, Query,  ....  Why?  What am I doing?"

The app, mod, program, bat file - what it does it reads the file structure in your Banished registry, and when you have the 'cmsort' folder in your Banished folder with it, the .txt file that gets saved will show you what mods you have installed, in their Enabled order - and noted if they are disabled, or if you choose to not delete the registry information, it will also show that they are are disabled, not in WinData folder.

This shows me what's installed, what order it's in and the bonus for you - you don't ever need to hand type your mod order out again (as long as this app keeps working), and it's fantastic for when you back up your mods.  When you backup your WinData folder, simply run this app, then place the .txt file that it generates in your backup folder so you know in the future what order the mods were listed in.

So - why now - well, I want to try a couple of different mod combinations with you, troubleshoot the crashes, and I want to be lazy and not write out your list :D
You're more than welcome to write them out, and add them here in text or excel, and I can play around with it that way - I just find it easier if your list is done by you, that way I know that you're double checking the load order, and I don't mess the original up. :D

Make sense?

If we can find out why your game crashes, these few minutes of list generation will be worth it :D

Sorted List of Banished mods en 1639.txt

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On 7/19/2017 at 6:05 PM, QueryEverything said:

rather than using Minrathous mods, which were written for Banished a while ago, I now use @Kralyerg's mod


i got the .pkm file for kralyerg's increased from this thread, but i cannot find any info page or description for it. it's not listed on kralyerg's mod list at the banishedinfo site, and the only references i can find to it here at this site are the discussion threads already referenced. i am wondering if it's not listed anywhere because it's a custom mod, made just for esterhb and never shared widely? but if anyone has a link to a web page with a description or details about it, i'd be grateful.

i can't post or send a .txt file for the little sort app by Gordon that you shared because when i ran it, i answered yes, and all my mods were immediately 1) disabled, 2) reordered, and 3) the initial .txt file self-deleted.


going to have to start from scratch.

unsubscribed from everything at steam (which was not a ton, actually - the steam banished community is paltry.)

deleting all mods from windata folder (that weren't already removed by unsubscribing in steam)

as soon as i have time, i'm looking up versions of everything i had that either wasn't included in megamod, or has since come out with a newer version due to the 1.75 flag changes, to make sure i have the newest ones.

then i'll try to spend a couple days putting everything back, in the orders you suggest here.

i think i understand your advice:

A) UI mods and mods that change gameplay, e.g. storage, roads, etc.

B) start condition mods such as NatDiv and Pine Set

C) custom content mods such as houses, buildings, decorations

D) Colonial Charter mods in this order: compatibility 1.07 journey 1.75 megamod 0.07 megamod deco 0.07

honestly this sounds like so much work, i may not get around to it for a while. but when i do, i will post my new mod order and report if things are working okay.


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Kralyerg created CC Increased Resources for me because the Increased Resources Combined Mod from Steam kept crashing CC 1.7. It does exactly what the other said it did. He said he had no idea why his was working but the other didn't. I don't think he realized what a good mod it is and just never got around to putting it in the Kave.  The CC Increase Resources will work on increasing both Iron Ore or Iron - whichever you have laying around.

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do you have anything that add a non vanilla tree somewhere ? cause maybe it sound strange, but a new tree that is dead and should fall on the ground (which has the comment to have anim linked to it in the code) and which doesnt have a set of anim made... can cause a crash in middle of nowhere. that tree should fall on the ground but no anim attached too... cause a crash


thats a very possible event. it can be verified by asking bannies to chop down all those non-vanilla trees to see if you crash when the anim should happends.

i personally dont know how to set up tree death anim, so if in my code i let anim ON... it would crash.

so i always change the code to :   "  bool _animated = false; "



thats a very possible possibility

Edited by Ketchup
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On 7/25/2017 at 4:21 AM, Ketchup said:

do you have anything that add a non vanilla tree somewhere ?

i did have @Necora's pine set from the maritimes collection, but now i have nothing because last week, Gordon's sort/list app disabled and reordered all my mods. since then i have not played.

i have deleted all mods. when i play again (maybe this weekend?) i think i will install only colonial charter journey, megamod, megamod deco, and compatibility.

i like many additional mods, especially the mods i find both here and at WoB. but i know many will change, update, and perhaps even be included in a new version of megamod at some future date. 

as it stands right now, CC Journey is an incredible and massive mod for banished, and MegaMod plus MegaMod Deco add a fantastic amount of content to the game as well.

more than enough to thoroughly enjoy playing, without a huge amount of fussing with ordering, enabling, troubleshooting, crashing, etc.

thanks to everyone here who has helped and advised me. you are all awesome. 



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add the compatibility 1.07 above CC and that mod solves issues between 1.06 mods and the new flag limits. then you can use old mods if you perfer.many at WOB have already been updated.i use several older mods since some have not been updated and others i prefer where they place in the toolbar.not alll mods are affected by the changes. both compatibilities together help a lot.

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