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I am using Banished 1.06 on Steam. When I try to activate CC 1.71 I get a black sceen. I put the mod on enable and click OK. There is some disk activity, but then everything quiets down. I use Win 7 Home, 4 GB RAM, Intel Onboard Graphics (is that the problem???). Other (smaller) mods works fine. I manage to start CC 1.55 once but could never do it again.

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with only 4Gb ram it will take a while.you can try using the task manager and turn off programs you aren't using.also try disabling autosaves and try dx9 instead of 11.it may take 15 mins just to load.

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@Snapphanen, hi & welcome to the forum :D

When you load the game and enable the mods - in this case, CC 1.71, have you completely reloaded the game before attempting to start a new map?  
Or, is this the 'reload' after you enable to mod? 
Do you have the complete mod - have you made sure the download is complete?  The size should be:


I know it's completely frustrating you get to that point you get it all loaded, then black screen of nothing, then you have me ask a bunch of questions - so, let's see if I can troubleshoot quickly for you.  When you see a -1- where the number will change, scroll down to the notes, there's a series of notes there I've kept for you to have a read of.

This is the process I use when starting a new mod - and it is the recommended process for any new mod installs, personally I wait til I have more than 2 or 3 so I do a few at a time, otherwise it's load/reload / load/reload for ages before game time ;) Doing it this way will stop crashes, and it will rule out if there is a problem with your mod install.

Being that you have Banished 1.0.6 from Steam - are you sure it's 1.0.6 and that you haven't been updated to 1.0.7 ??   To check, just read the yellow script at the bottom of the menu page. 


Just double check, if you have been updated, then just go ahead and grab the new CC 1.75 from here and run it, it's got a lot of bug patches in it which you will want, as unfortunately CC 1.71 did have some bugs. -1-

Onwards (regardless of CC version):

1)  Load Banished
2)  Navigate to mods screen
3)  Arrange mods into required order
4)  Press OK
5)  Wait for game to 'enable' the new order
6)  Back to main screen
7)  EXIT game entirely
8)  Load Banished
9)  Check mod load order, make sure all is ok
10) Load a new map

Once you've gotten to step 8 and you are loading Banished again after making sure you have CC ready to go, you will need patience for it to load.  On average my load time is: -2-
2:30 before I see a loading screen
2:45 before I see the menu

Given that you are running an older system, it would be safe to say you will be taking a while to run, so before you load Banished, open your favourite web browser, then double click Banished (you may need to wait for Steam to launch etc), then go down to note -2- to see the tips we use to speed up time. :D

So, now we've finally (finally) gotten past our initial load, enable, reload, exit, load and reload - we are at step 9 - all is good, finish the steps with step 10.

I know it seems a lot to go through, it takes about 15 minutes, depending on your computer, and if you have the mods ready to go etc, and you have the mod order right etc, but once it's done, it's done.  You shouldn't have any crashes, you will have long load times (that's unavoidable, sorry :( ), but, you will be able to use CC  1.71


Notes from above:

-1-  It's probably worth it anyway to update everything given that there are some hardcore patch updates, including:  town hall update & fixes, nomad attractor fixes, CC fixes & building fixes, new buildings, new storage to match the new storage in Banished 1.0.7 etc, the list is extensive and I would definitely recommend upgrading to the new Banished 1.0.7 & CC 1.75 - both of which can be easily done, and people are more than happy to help with any updating questions you may have, if you've worried about anything to do with upgrading, we are here to help! ;)

-2- Or - do what a few of us do - start the game, then as soon as the game has started the load process Alt+tab to another program (I always keep Chrome open to browse the forums, and I Alt+tab to that), and I shave some time off.  On average 30 secs, to 1 minute.  There is a technical reason why this happens, I can't remember though - I won't google and bore you, but it's not in our heads, those of us who do it, I'd say most of us have timed it, I know I have.  Haha!!

Or - go grab a drink and a snack ;)


Please feel free to ask any questions - but, the black screen is normal.  As long as we know you've completed steps 1-10 correctly, the versions are correct and the download sizes are correct, then we know that if you're still having problems, we need to look further for you.


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Thanks for your help. I have 1.0.6 but I will give the 1.0.7 Beta a try. Will this influence other mods?

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When you are ready to upgrade it's a rather simple process, but it's always best to backup everything @Snapphanen:)

The influence comes from a change of the way the game handles the flags / limits.  The core stays the same, so food, log, stone, iron - but the modder community addons have changed.

A lot of the older mods have been updated for the new flags & limits, and a lot of the modders are releasing newer content.  The BL team here have released the updated CC version 1.75 which have the bug fixes, and also works on the Banished 1.0.7 without too many issues (some very tiny bugs, which are listed on the mod download page as people pick them up, but far less than 1.71).

It also depends on what mods you are currently using as well.  Is it only the BL mods, are you using mods from World of Banished or BanishedInfo?  A lot of the modders will have updated, but some haven't.  If you can produce a list, I can go through over the weekend and quickly see if any will cause a major issue or not.

Ultimately it is up to you, but the modders are now modding for the new update, and their mods are truly marvellous!!

Further reading:
How to generate a list of your installed mods, without typing them out:

Mods for Banished 1.07 at World of Banished


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I am using mods from Worlds of Banished. They all seem to works. With CC 1.75 I got further. I can enable the mod. Pressing OK brings me back to the menu with the mod enabled. I all works well until I come to point 10 in your list. When I start a new game the application crashes. At least I don't have to wait very long anymore. I use a 32 bit system (Win 7). I also tried it with Task Manager enabled to see if there are any issues with memory alllocations. It all looked normal (memory not fully used). I have a dual CPU system (Intel Pentium G3260 3,3GHz) and they were working at maximum.

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@Snapphanen that sounds like there could possibly be a conflict with one of your mods. Do you have any really old mods that were from way back when Banished was still in version 1.0.4 or 1.0.5 at all? There's one particular mod called Pesky Produce that will cause big problems when trying to use it with Banished 1.0.7 and CC 1.75 but there's a few others floating about that may have the same problems.

The other question would be what is your mod load order?

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I only try to load CC 1.75. I have some other mods in the WinData-folder, but they are not enabled. I also put CC 1.75 on top of the list.

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