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MM Help

First post by a long-time lurker but avid Banished fan.  I downloaded and installed the mods from here and installed them in the windata directory, started up my game and made sure the mods loaded in order (1.07 compatability mod - CC 1.75 (Journey?) - MM .07 - .07 deco pack).  I noticed the CC 1.75 mod won't load because it's either CC or MM.  I didn't install other mods.

Started my new game and played a while using the same tested map that I know and loved (739341383, easy, verdant plains, large).  In MM .06 I could play any difficulty and had enough food harvested and stored even with just the animals, hunters and gatherers but after I installed .07 I barely had enough leftover and people starved within a few years.  

Love the mod and all the fantastic work everyone has done to keep the game alive but this frustrates me.  I thought perhaps I need to completely uninstall and reinstall Banished but I wanted to check this out here first. 

SIDE TOPIC:  For anyone interested in additional historical perspective, please check out the Townsends videos on youtube.  Their videos provide a unique historical perspective on life in early Colonial times.

Thanks so much.  - Don

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I'm not sure what you mean by "I noticed the CC 1.75 mod won't load because it's either CC or MM."  Based on previous questions from others: Make sure you extracted the .rar file into a .pkm file. If you have Steam, you need to unsubscribe to previous versions of MM and CC and delete the .pkm files from your Banished>WinData folder. Are you using the most recent version of Banished -1.0.7?

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I'll reinstall all mods in a few minutes - I've already uninstalled and unsubscribed all previous mods so it's clean Banished.  I'll obviously extract the mods to my windata folder.

Let me explain a bit more.  From my previous post, I installed 1.07 Compatability Mod, Colonial Charter Journey (which I called CC 1.75), Megamod .07, and the Deco Pack .07.  I believe the CC 1.75 is Journey so I could enable 1.75 Journey or the Megamod in the game but I can't run both 1.75 and .07.  Or am I missing something or misunderstand?  

Installing it and will test run the same map to watch food production again.  I always build a first forest node and get my gatherer and hunter fully staffed (4 each) plus kick start my forest by assigning 2 workers until the node is completely planted.  I create a second node after my first one is fairly well along.

Thanks for the help.  

Edited to add file names and sizes of each file after unpacking to the windata folder:

ColChJ.pkm = 1,509,810 KB

MegaMod.pkm = 2,087,225 KB

MegaModKecoPack.pkm = 764,292

Compatability Mod = 85 KB

Edited by DonSmart

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Got it working!  I have no idea what happened or how or why but it works now plus all the mods are enabled and working.  Beautiful.  And food production is comparable to MegaMod .06 so life is good!  I love all the additions.  Posting more questions in another another forum for basic game helps.  (Sorry to post so much info but it may have helped determine what's what.)  Thanks again.  Drove me crazy and I couldn't enjoy the game I play almost daily.

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