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Very small and simple request: No wood for fenceless, shelterless animal fields

I had that super annoying thing happen: I built a brand new animal field and after only a couple of years, maybe not even, it became infected. I'm not even joking. Brand, spanking new. That was the only field I had at the moment too. I am in the process of moving things around and building upwards. I needed a quick fix. I saw that fenceless, shelterless animal field and thought that was a perfect quick fix. Until I saw that it required wood to make. Why though? I can't really understand how a plain, fenceless, shelterless field would need wood. It doesn't make sense to me.


My request would be to please remove the wood requirement. For a logical sense and for the sake of my poor sheepys.


Edit to add: I found the same thing with a fenceless cemetery. It required a whole bunch of stone regardless of the fact that there is no fence.

Edited by LadieWinter

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