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CC schools and churches not synchronizing with default ones?

First of all, many thanks to the makers of the CC Mod! I love it very much, it adds so much value to the game.

My question: I have the latest versions of Banished and CC (via Steam). I observe the school of the CC mod as well as the church do not synchronize with the default school/churches of the game. Example: When I already have 2 or 3 default (original) schools and chapels within the game and I add another one from the CC mod, the default buildings will not recognize the added (and used) capacity of the CC church/school buildings but will continue to show "overload arrows" all the time, without recognizing the added church/school of the CC mod.  Is there a solution for this? 

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I cannot replicate this behavior.  My base game schools and chapels work fine with CC schools and chapels.  Citizens will use the closest available.  Sometimes some will fill up and then the next closest will be used.


Can you upload a saved game or maybe a picture?

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I attach a saved game for replicating this problem, together with 3 illustrative screenshots.

There are 3 default "small chapels" (Banished) in the game.

I add a larger "chapel" (CC) and assign a priest to it.

Now I stop one of the 3 small chapels. All the members of this small chapel move to the new CC chapel nearby. Until now everything is ok. But as soon as I give order to destroy the small chapel, which is now empty and not working, the remaining 2 small chapels which are still working start to show "overload arrows" although all the members of the deleted small chapel are now in the new CC chapel (and it is not full).

The saved game shows the situation immediately after the moment when I ordered to destroy the abandoned small chapel, as you can see on the icons.

BTW, exactly the same happens with schools on my system. When I have 2 or 3 default schools and I add the CC school (oneroom), the default schools will show overload arrows, not recognizing the pupils attending the CC school.




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I couldn't get your town to load because I don't have all those mods.  The game seems to consider buildings set to "Off" as being empty.  The game seems to apply the Full Indicator to only specific types of buildings.  For example, only to Small Chapels, only to regular Chapels, or only to Parish Houses.

Make a bunch of different churches and play with turning them on/off and demolishing and see what happens.  

The game didn't seem to care about CC verse Non-CC.  The game seemed to care about precisely what type of building.  It's just the indicator that messed up.  The functionality worked fine on my end.

For example, I made 5 Small Parish Houses (that hold 80 each so 400 total) in my town of 500+ People.  When all the Parish Houses were on I got the full indicator.  When I turned one off there was no full indicator on the Parish Houses.  If I had a singular chapel of another type and that other chapel was full then only that chapel would have the full indicator.


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