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I just want to say thank you for groundcover

To whoever created the groundcover addition in the flower & plant section, I would just like to say THANK YOU!!!

I just love this little addition. It looks so cool in pastures and also cemeteries, and it just comes in so handy for so many things.

You mod people are awesome!

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6 hours ago, BuildHappy said:

sounds nice, any screenshot examples...?



here's some I'm working on.. not done yet of course...

242920_20180119234439_1 (Medium).png

242920_20180119235023_1 (Medium).png

242920_20180119235131_1 (Medium).png

242920_20180119235404_1 (Medium).png

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Wow! That looks really cool! Definitely gives me some ideas. I never thought to decorate graveyards or pastures.

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