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Recommendations - Set Tweaks

I've play tested MM8 several days and, no surprise, I've had a very enjoyable experience but I missed seeing many items in the toolbar where I've grown accustomed.  For example, row housing, the small village toolmaker and clothier, the forest buildings, and many others.  I went thought the Sets toolbar and found them all after hunting and pecking through several sub-buttons.  There are so many to list.  Did you want a more detailed listing?  (I've written most down so it's no big deal to list.)

I try to think as a user who wants things plain and simple.  Why not get these and all buildings back to their respective toolbar like they were under 1.72.  For example, the druid school wasn't under education but several clicks into the sets and round buildings (I think that's where it was).  I would never think of looking there unless I took the time.  

If I may add another small recommendation please.  Whenever there is an error that boots me out of Banished, I have to do a full computer shut down (not restart) then re-enter the game.  Is it possible to write into the code to bypass this?  I assume the shut down and banished restart clears out or deletes the dump file?

Thanks a lot for letting me make ideas and suggestions.  Back to the game to test.


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Thanks, Kralyerg!  I appreciate that you let me state it and didn't doubt you for a minute.  What you said made sense.

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