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Starting Conditions Problem

I've opened several just to see how they work in the newest mod version.  So far so good except for a few below the CC starting conditions.  For example, Easy Crops DSSV failed, Easy Orchards DSSV failed.   

However I started a game using stranded with Seeds Easy and Vegetable Garden Easy without a problem.

I have my tests set with the following:

Map seed 739341383, easy, large, mild, verdant plains.  

Please ignore if this is already reported or fixed but I'd prefer to report something and be wrong than not.  I tried to search for this but came up empty. My moniker says DonSmart but sometimes I feel like DonDumb.  :)

Thanks so much.  

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We did note a problem with these starts. What exactly happened when you tried them?


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I'll re-test them again later tomorrow and send the "report" file.  Maybe my computer gave me a hiccup and will behave next time.  (A lot happened this week but now on the up side of a horrendous week.)

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