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If you think CC' starts are to easy, try using DSSV's Harder starts

This is a brief start discpition  using Mega Mod and DSSV's harder starts

This is a Spoiler if your having issues but still want to make the start using Harder Starts, These are starts with No gear no food basically a nothing start, and my choices have changed involving them and CC's starts.  Seed 379733510 using Waterworld  this works for Harsh and CC's Very Harsh starts  disasters ON  DSSV Harder start.  

First you need to pause your game and set it all up, don't waste anytime looking around first, I look around after its paused, and make sure the start can be made.  starting with 2 trees won't get anything built! If you want to try use this seed 937732329  um I got 2 trees you may get any number they vary on Your start. there were plenty on the other islands I just had no way to get to them.. and live.

Second. lay out your starting camp, while still paused   I choose to place a stockpile with 24 spots that 6x4, I then place a small wood chopping block and a very small storage I generally start in Kid's Mod for both of those, I then place a small shack from CC  that uses 10 wood and 2 stone.  I set all the starters to builder's.  I select around 15 food first for them to cut, I then pick the bigger trees and select about 8 to 10 of them, you need enough to get the stump and storage built and start chopping firewood and I turn them on, and watch them do about nothing for 30 seconds, after most of them started on the food and have picked a few, I then start pinging the stump for woodcutting, until someone comes over and starts it, followed by pinging the storage, you find the ping button in F2 normally at number 8 , next, as soon as that has started building, unpause the house and select more trees for the house don't forget to select the stone too.  after they have it all done I watch them bring in the food, and if the ones that don't have a house are not getting anything to eat, I turn the house off, if you have to ask how to do this you've not played enough, this is a managment choice by me, this is after the firewood is in the house, it keeps them all fed and you shouldn't even loose a child to stravation.  and wait for everyone to eat or for them to empty the house, I don't want the house destroyed as it is needed to keep everyone warm,  after Im sure everyone has eaten I have them keep cutting trees and keep picking up food and I lay out a bridge, if you need it.  I need it on my seed because they simply don't have enough to live off of.. I also place down a hunter shack, out of the small building mod, you will find this in CC's mod list it on the far right side, after that is built I place down a fishing dock and a herbs tender using the same mod.  and I start queueing up 1 or 2 small shacks,  after that I get up a tools and coat shed I prefer Kids mod for this but you can use what you wish, as long as it does both and its small. The object is to build with the least amount of materials and work, I don't use the one out of small building mod. and the Kids mod has a stone tool choice, this uses twice the wood as the Small Buildings mod uses but it a matter of choice, leaving all the iron for later to be used as Iron and not iron ore.. if you've gotten this far your on you own..6  um  bye now. that is probably the longest sentence you've every read in your life.  I don't use much grammar


Edit  some of the Very Harsh start will have to have the build order slightly amended.   if the first way doesn't work   place down your chopping block  and your storage but pause the storage you will need to build the house first but you then want to get them to build the storage as fast a possible, if your keeping them all alive your going to have to pay close attention to make sure the kids get there meals in this type of start so be sure to evict the house tenents for a bit but not to long.. You don't want the house dismantled...

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