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couple bugs in MM8 RC3 and a question

have found that the coal shack for renewable resources lists "industrial fuel limit" in the description but seems to count toward the "stored mineral and ores limit". will show no industrial fuel but won't produce until i raise mineral and ore limit.

also found Kids colorful cozy housing with the 3 stories (red, yellow, blue, green) sometimes enlarges the 3rd story during the last part of construction to block the entire screen until construction is completed, then it goes back to the normal looking and normal size house. you can still scroll all the way in to see "under" it and it only seems to happen if you are in the area of the building at that certain time. 

love playing with all the options from the different modders but wonder if there is any way to add a "favorite" button to the menus? there are usually that set of certain buildings i like to start with and sometimes they are buried a few layers deep in the menus. we would be able to set our own favorites and would have only 1 level access to them. especially for things like greenhouses which aren't always grouped together and different versions of the buildings.

keep up the great work! 

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