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Changing Your Mod Order

If you happen to want to re-order your mods (Fresh Game)

1) Click the Mods button and place them in the order you want them in and make sure to enable them

2) Click to Reload when the window pops up

3) Exit the game

4) Restart the game

5) Check your Mods to make sure they are still all enabled and in the order you put them in

6) If everything is good then

7) Pick a game play style you like ( Map name, Map Size, Starting Conditions, etc)

8) Play your game

However, If for some reason a mod became disabled or is not in the order you placed it in then

9)move it to where you wanted it and make sure its enabled then

10) Repeat Steps 2 - 8


Enjoy! :)

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If you happen to want to re-order your Mods in a game already being played.... Well

This is not Advisable!

It can corrupt your save game file and cause you to lose the world you are working on.


Best case scenario... Delete your current game (or keep it), and start a fresh new game/map.

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* Another Big Thing To Avoid

Do NOT just delete mods out of your [WinData] folder! 
That's the best way to screw up the registry...

Instead, disable all mods from outside the game: 
Before deleting any mod, start the game via the small options menu (click your shortcut while pressing CTRL). 
In that start menu click on "Disable All Mods", then exit. 
Now you can delete the mod/s from the WinData folder, then proceed as usual (re-enable all your wanted/needed mods).


* You may still want to check the relevant Registry entries to see if any garbage was left behind (see previous tip).

Alternatively, and even more tedious, you can also disable the mods from inside the game: 
While in-game, open the mod menu and disable all mods manually.
"Quit" the game (NOT "Exit"!), check your mod menu again - great (not), your mods are still flagged enabled (green), so disable them all again.
Now you can "Exit" the game, and delete your Mods from the [WinData] folder...


****All credit for this goes to @Paeng   official link here 

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