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MM8 crashes

I have MM8, three files in the correct order. i have all other mods disabled. The game will load. As soon as I click on the toolbar to build something. the game crashes.

Any suggestions?

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Here are some things it could be:

Make sure you are using Banished v. 1.0.7 Build 170910. The version can be found at the bottom of the opening menu.

Everytime you add or delete mods, you should go in and check the mods, then exit the game completely before starting a new game.  Make sure you don't try to load an old game.

You can also try changing from DX 9 to DX 11 or the other way around. I find DX 11 loads faster while others say their game crashes. (Keep Ctrl pressed while starting Banished. That brings up the Options screen. From there you can select DX 9 or DX 11.)

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