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MM8 is even more wonderful than before, but another 'but..'..

It is lovely and even more treasures to be found than in 1.75, but you have swapped the silver birch trees with their grace and seasonal  changing foliage for something that is dark and stiff and, to my eye, most unattractive. I can't play the game like that and planned to go back to 1.75, even though it  means I miss out on Kid's new dwellings and other stuff. It has been suggested on the Steam Forum that I come up here and ask you if  it can somehow be  changed back for those of us who prefer the  original map trees, but I was shy to do that as you have already given me  an 'extra flowers'.pkm for the previous version of MM8 mod - but here I am, asking...please....and thank you for all your work.

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