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access to buildable elevated ground

I saw someone else mention recently about trying to get a slope effect using terraform which is quite difficult to achieve (in fact, I don't think it currently is). 

One thing I've been really eager to see is that if we use the terraform tool to raise some land and flatten it, it would be pretty neat if we were then to build on that area but also if our bannies were able to access it. The central church building is made to look like it is elevated, but it would be pretty cool if we could get a section of our town to look like that also (perhaps where we put out market and immediate service buildings). 

There's mods where people can move from the quay to docks, and then walk on a lower level, and there are also some mods where people can walk along elevated areas (medieval castle walls). Is it possible to have a mod or asset which can act like a staircase to allow bannies to travel to and from normal level flat ground to flat ground one level up using the staircase as an access point? 

Thanks ^^

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