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[CC] Water World Island Maps! (for those island lovers out there)

For all those Island lovers out there, here is a collection of my favorite island seeds.

All maps are on [CC] Water World and Very Large.

Island seeds.png

Other mentions:

  • 311044994 - med size long thin island
  • 731155701 - small island with nearby crescent shaped lake mountain
  • 335077681 - large island-like peninsula with only a thin removable strip of land connecting it to shore
  • 228044480 - med size vertical island
  • 927325086 - VERY TINY ISLAND with no room for any resources. Some starts do not land you on the island
  • 327471095 - tiny island with river running through
  • 567974580 - med size island with river running through
  • 576134544 - med vertical thin island with river running through
  • 412259728 - med size island with river running through, odd shape
  • 406172498 - med size thin island with river cutting thin strive vertically down
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