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MegaMod 8.01 Ate My Computer!

Hey everyone, hope your weekend is going great!

So, I'm new here and new to Banished too. I just started a couple of days ago though I've only played once so far starting off with the tutorials and then a couple of slow hours in a medium difficulty, medium map. I think I got about a couple to three hours in before I logged off for the night. I logged off for bed but because of a little frustration too. Most of my Banies went idle and I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get them back to work. I checked their happiness and health and they were still really good in both. Maybe they ran out of tools? I forgot to check before I logged off - but yeah it was frustrating to see them all idle like that; I couldn't get anything done and several of them starting dying off as a result. To my unhappy surprise I didn't find anything really useful doing a Google search for the issue either, so that's when I went to bed. Haven't been in game since.

So I spent the last day and a half just reading the forums here and also over at World of Banished. Too much information really to absorb and remember, tips & tricks and etc., and a lot of the mod stuff was over my head of course. So about mods: I read a lot of posts mentioning Colonial Charter: Journey and Mega Mod so I went searching them out and reading forum posts and whatnot wherever I could find them mentioned. I was forewarned by reading those comments that these mods were very resource hungry as far as a computer goes. Boy! They weren't kidding about Mega Mod 8.01! That beast is a real monster on my puny system! LOL *sighs It took anywhere from ten minutes or more to load, at least that's what it felt like, I didn't actually time it but yeah, ten minutes or more for sure. I just have a $500 Best Buy HP Pavilion from back in 2012 hehe. It served me well for playing MMO's up until I stopped all gaming in 2016.

Anyways, I'm not down with a 10-15 minute load for a game so I decided to cut my losses early and drop Mega Mod 8.01. I tried just loading Colonial Charter: Journey 1.76 and it's not as bad, maybe upwards of three minutes to load and get into a game. I can deal with a three minute load. In game with Colonial Charter: Journey I spent a while on game pause just going through all the buttons and wow, so much stuff! The more I was finding the more questions I started to have. So as I mentioned in my "introductory" posts here and at the World of Banished forums, I think I will just unload Colonial Charter: Journey for now and just play Banished in it's vanilla form until I get really acquainted and comfortable with the game; then maybe I'll load up Colonial Charter: Journey again.

One of the last MMO's I played before I stopped gaming in 2016 was EverQuest II. It has a pretty great housing sub-section of the game. It's all about decorating and being ingeniously creative in making things super eye-candy like. I liked looking at it all but I was not one of those types who can envision things so creative as they did. My characters just had their homes and I made it all nice and everything but not all decked-out and over-the-top like 99% of the other housing players did. Why I mention all of this is, is that I am seeing a lot of people using Banished in the same way people used EverQuest II's housing. I see so many screenshots of people building beautiful cities and towns that are totally worth being called "eye candy". Sadly, I just can't do that. I can't envision things so creative and wonderful like they do.

I'm more of the kind of person who comes from the Caesar III, Pharaoh, Cleopatra, Zeus and Caesar IV city builder games. You build with the basic stuff the game comes with and you make it work economically and efficiently with all the citizens happy. THAT I can do, the eye-candy stuff I just can't; it would be pathetic to watch me try to build something "beautiful".  LOL

Anyhow. So I started wondering to myself. Since I am not capable of doing the eye-candy and beautiful stuff others do I'd like to play Banished in the same way I played those other city builder games I mentioned. I want the base game of Banished... but then some! I don't want multiple versions of houses or roads or gardens and whatnot (I don't want the extras that are meant for eye-candy purposes) but I do want the extra professions, extra resources, lives and gather-rates and etc. I'd also like a few extra types of maps and starting conditions and the terrain and debug tools. So maybe I'm seeking a Colonial Charter: Journey - LITE version? Without all the superfluous stuff?

So instead of Colonial Charter: Journey 1.76 are there individual mods for:

  • New map/terrain types
  • New starting conditions
  • New professions that also include all the buildings and resources etc, to go with them
  • New resources
  • Tweaks to the Banies lives, including students and kids (as far as lives go I think you all refer to them as 1 for 1 or something like that?)
  • Tweaks to harvest and gather rates, craft rates and so on
  • New trading conditions

So like a mod or two for each line-item I mentioned above? Like base game + mod for extra starting conditions + mod for extra professions?

I'm hoping someone will be patient with me for asking such a thing. Most likely I will just end up playing Colonial Charter: Journey 1.76 like so many others do (after I learn the vanilla game first) but I sure would like all the extras without all the eye-candy fluff.

Again, I hope you are all having a great weekend.


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Go to Downloads - Colonial Charter Modular and download:

  • Themed Sets - CC Docks
  • Various Elements - CC Terrains, CC Terrain Tools and CC Transport 

Then go to Kralyerg's Kave of Krazy Kontraptions and download:

  • One of the Ridiculous Storage mods (will work on vanilla barn and stockpiles, and the storage that's in the dock set); I use Slightly Ridiculous Storage
  • Increased CC - increases the logs, stone, iron/iron ore that is gathered

Then go to WorldofBanished.com.  Login and go to Mods Downloads under Mods Garage. Choose Mods 1.0.7 near the top.  Then select the heading you want to sort by. I usually sort by Member (aka Modder).  Download these:

  • EB Production Sets 1 and 2; OR EB Unified Mod. I think Red Ketchup's Red Friesian Cows are included in these
  • Kid Colonial Modular Housing (includes a really nice townhall, hospital, boarding house and school, plus there are some nice, inexpensive-to-build houses.
  • Kid Forest Outpost v2 Fixed.  The gatherer, hunter, forester, herbalist have smaller work circles than the vanilla buildings but produce as much (maybe more) and are less expensive/quicker to build. Cute little houses, some at an angle. 
  • Kid Alotofseeds - small trader that brings nothing but lots of seeds.
  • Kid Bed & Breakfast - the plaza has 3 apple trees that produce more than a regular orchard - looks great in front of the townhall btw. Other buildings also nice.

Instead of all this, you could download Red Ketchup's Editor's Choice - Light. Not sure how small the file is. However, he has replaced the vanilla buildings with his own (which you may or may not prefer) and has added some additional resource requirements early on - such a lumber and glass. I think it is a bit harder to play but has really great looking buildings. Not sure if his dock set is included.

I have never used the 1 year is 1 year mod, nor have I used a mod that changes food production, so I can't recommend any.

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