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 At the Smokehouse, fresh meat, fish and cheese are cured with smoke and turned into Jerky, Bacon, Smoked Fish and Smoked Cheese.



For every product made, the Smokehouse needs Logs and a Barrel and the additional ingredient shown below:

Beef Jerkey needs Beef Cuts

Kielbasa needs Pork Cuts

Hangkjot needs Mutton Cuts

Charki Jerkey needs Charki

Pemmican needs Bison Cuts

Smoked Cheval needs Cheval

Smoked Fish needs Fish

Smoked Cheese needs Cheese

Smoked Chili needs Chilies

Wedding Pemmican needs Cherries and Tallow


  • To build: 10 Logs, 24 Stone, and 40 Lumber, plus 75 Work

  • Size: 8 by 6

  • Profession: Smoker

  • Number of Workers: up to 3


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How does the Smokehouse change the way the citizens eat or store food? Does food prepared at the smokehouse (and the Salting house), store longer, or provide more food to citizens? What is the advantage of using the butcher and Smokehouse instead of letting the citizens just eat plain old beef?

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welcome to banished. thart is an on-going argument or debate. food doesn't rot and stores forever in the game. food processors  are more for the player than to help the bannies. most do nothing except increase the trade value.trade value is not the same as quality or food value. the food value remains at 1. there are a few mods that actually do give more out than they take in.i think REDKETCHUP's mods will do that. take in 1 venison and give back more in roasts,etc.

   the processors is more for a players likes and ideas.when you 1st start using the processors you will notice the food reserve decrease,which can be frustrating. you think the process should increase and help but it really doesn't.it is realistic though.how much wheat does it take to give a bag of flour? 1 basket of berries makes how much jam? a pound of meat will be less when dried out into jerky or smoked. still it can be a headache when you are tryng to help the bannies but realize you ran low on food. without the food deteriorating over time,this was the best way to find a balance to the processors.the payback though is realy only if you trade the food away.

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