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Very large maps with lakes

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12 hours ago, KevinTheCynic said:

Another one from the random map generation although it's a bit of a surprise to see it is only one number different from one of the other randomly generated maps I posted above (that happens so rarely to me that I thought it was worth mentioning!) The map in question is Seed 18763202 mentioned a post or two above.


This is not what I would call a "great" map because it still suffers from the Banished "round lake" syndrome but it is still interesting, I think mostly due to the division of the map by the lakes and river.

Map Seed: 18763203

Map Type: [CC] Lake Waters

Terrain Size: [CC] Very Large

Bottom of the yellow box indicates starting position.


MapSeed 18763203.jpg

I like this one.  Worth playing around with.

I'm still a bit 'meh' over Lakes or Valleys, there's no Lakes with Valleys, which have a great many lakes, but also lovely mountain ranges etc for my mining communities ...  
And my search still continues.
Will definitely load this one though.

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@QueryEverything I can definitely relate to that, if it wasn't for the mines from CC and New Medieval Town mining for resources would almost be impossible for me in the early stages of the game on many of the maps I've posted.

Truth is, I don't "need" such large maps but I want them because I want the option to expand "far & wide" because for me, this keeps me playing the map for far longer than I would with a Medium or Large size map. But as I mentioned, without those mines from CC or NMT, life would be very difficult in the early game on many of these maps without the ability to make, at the very least, iron tools.

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