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Can someone post big city save(~2k pop) so i can test new pc? :D ty

sorry for the delay :)  I have  uploaded a saved game, 500 citizens so far.. but food, clothes and tools stable-  97% educated its not pretty but  a good basis to grow.  building plans  designed for max production rather than beauty- although most folks have their own privy


There is no industry or chains, apart from bakery and diary just the basics food and clothes- Using renewable resources for stone and iron ore.


to load you probably need to have the same mods


this map has

Adam + Eve + Seed

Journey 1.7

Mega Mod

Ridiculous storage

Disasters disabled - although you may want to trigger a cholerea  out break every 10 years or so to stop population running away



 as I said its not pretty  but hope its what you want.


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