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Smugglers Dock

The Smugglers Dock employs a Bootlegger that can provide your town with a variety of luxury items, if you have the Gold Guilders to pay him.


Below is a list of transactions that can be made at the Bootlegger - if the worker is educated. If the worker is not educated, you will receive fewer goods.  GG stands for Gold Guilder.

v  17 GG buys either 10 Scotch, 10 Chocolate, 10 Coffee or 10 Tea

v  20 GG buys 10 Spirits

v  40 GG buys 1 Rough Gemstone

v  2 GG buys 2 Steel Tools

v  6 GG buys 2 Full Livery

v  4 GG buys 4 Healing Oil

v  12 GG buys 1 Stone Statue

v  8 GG buys 1 Wood Statue


·    To build: 50 lumber, 1 Building Supply, 1 Hull Component, 120 work

  • Size: 3 by 4

  • Storage Capacity (weight):  15,000

  • Profession: Bootlegger

  • Number of Workers: 1 maximum

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Is there a way to control the transaction?  I just built my first smuggler's dock and it automatically spent all my guilder on goods I didn't want.

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There isn't a drop down menu that lets you choose a product to buy?  You should be able to turn work off at this building when not using it.

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