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Choose Decorative Items > Statues and Flags > [then choose the type of statue you want]

To build a statue as a decoration in your town, you need 1 of that type of Statue and 10 to 20 Stone for the base. All of the Statues can be obtained through trade. Stone, Wood, Jade and Marble Statues can also be made by a Stone Carver. Iron and Bronze Statues can also be made by the Foundry or Forge.

The following types of Statues are available:

  • Wood Horse Statue: A statue of a rearing horse. To build: 1 Wood Statue + 20 Stone.
  • Stone Charter Statue: Depicts the colony's governor. To build: 1 Stone Statue + 20 Stone.
  • Stone Charter Statue #2: Depicts the colony's governor riding on a llama. To build: 1 Stone Statue + 20 Stone.
  • Iron Statue: Depicts a courthouse bell, representing justice for the settlement. To build: 1 Iron Statue + 10 Stone.
  • Jade Statue: Depicts a sitting Buddha. To build: 1 Jade Statue + 10 Stone.
  • Marble Statue: Depicts Michaelangelo's David. To build: 1 Marble Statue + 10 Stone.
  • Bronze Statues: This is a series of elegant and powerful statues. Use the ""F"" key to select the one you want to use. To build: 1 Bronze Statue + 10 Stone.

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