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Ridiculous Storage

Ridiculous Storage

This requires Banished 1.0.7 to use.

This gives all the various storage buildings in The Forge Awakens a very high storage volume (5 times the capacity). Place above CC on the mod list.

 V2 Includes the Specialized Storage Yards that weren't working in V1.
 V3 Updated to include Excellent Adventure storage buildings.
 V4 Updated to include Golden Llama storage buildings.
 V5 Updated to fix a bug where Materials couldn't be stored in the generic stockpile. Also tweaked some incorrect storage capacities.
 V6 Updated to include the CC:GL Market Carts that got left out in the cold.
 V7 Updated to include NMT 1.1 storage buildings. Also bumped up Stockpile storage by popular demand.
 V8 Updated to include CC:NF buildings.
 V9 Updated to include CC 1.6 buildings
 V10 Updated to include NMT 2.01 buildings.
 V11 Updated for CC 1.61
 V12 Updated to include Fuel Market Cart

 V13 Updated for C 1.72 and MegaMod 0.07

 V14 Fix Fuel storage bug.



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