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Stream Big (get it, like dream big lol)

Hi again, 

I'm sick right now and the only thing I can do is lay here thinking and misreble and scan the threads so I had a idea about the streams. Right now we only have a few items to use on them. (bridges, shore houses and mod I found that has a small mill for the stream) I'm hoping this can be expanded for the upcoming 1.7 or as a stand alone. Giving us more ways to use the stream and utilize space. I think it will especially work well with the players like myself who like to play with smaller industries. So what I was thinking,

  • shore houses (like real houses, tiny 3 people only that sit over or along the stream.)
  • Production builldings (small stream saw mill, iron building, forge, etc )
  • shops 

what do you think?

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47 minutes ago, cainacol12 said:

that sit over

Something that spans a river or creek that is not a bridge, whether it be house, production, or what have you, sounds neat, and I'm sure it would look pretty sweet. (if possible)

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Based on some of the mods that have been made, the general idea you had @cainacol12 is definitely able to be done. We only have to look at the themed sets included in CC 1.6 (I don't recall if they were in earlier versions of CC). They have a number of buildings meant for over-water use that are also able to be built on land that form the "Docks and Buildings for your water areas" set plus they have some similar buildings for riverbanks available in the "Walls and Buildings for your shoreline" set. I think the only limitations is what sort of production chain needs to be incorporated if the building is going to be used as a workplace etc. etc.

I'd really like to see some over-water buildings like the bayou houses in the USA or the stilt houses seen in Central and South America. I recall that other people have suggested similar buildings although they have wanted buildings more like the Pacific Ocean or Asian style. Personally I love having more buildings for the game so I'm happy with nearly all the mods available and would certainly love to see more that can be used over the water.

Some examples of the type of "swamp" buildings I'd like to see added to the game (although obviously without the modern bits like the tin roof and lounge chair!): -





And some Central/South American style over-water buildings




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Great minds :)  I posted over at Word of Banished a topic about new houses etc for the waterways.

I also included an idea about a houseboat & paddlesteamer.

Relating to this post, I could certainly see a mini Venice type of setup with gondolas as well. :)  

Hi all,

Firstly I have great (great!!) admiration for all of the modders, I have so many of them and they have really transformed my game play!!!

I would love it if anyone was able to take up my suggestion (challenge maybe) of the following ... 
(Just to confirm, I do know that there are 3 different, and somewhat close, housing options that I am wanting, and I have already posted in the modders threads to see if they can update their mod, but, I am wanting to know if a new one can be made :D )

I love these houses, I only found them today!!  They remind me of the "Bathing Boxes" here in Australia.  I have wonderful memories of these 'boxes'.

Originally used as Ladies' changing sheds along the beaches of Victoria's coast line, people now store their beach equipment (chairs, blankets, umbrellas, surfboards), camping etc, some have minibars & bedding, and toilets, bathrooms in them.  I know people who have used them to camp in.

I would love to see something like this in game, maybe even related to the "Small Town Row Houses" by kid1293[/member] 
I would put them along the lake shoreline, so allowing for water or land tiles (like the fisherman shack, and the Coastal Houses by @Wintin)

Fabulous ...  so many ideas now, haha!!








As you can see they are not cheap!!  Upwards of $150,000AUD ...  
I might go jump in Kid's thread about his town houses too.  

I think you get the artistic idea :D ;D

1)  As above, small single family of 4 (maybe 6, if a "tent" was added), "Bathing Boxes" or "Beach Huts".  
To run along the beach, lake shoreline. Bright & colourful, interlinked & separate, a cross between the "Coastal Houses" & "Tiny Row Houses". 
Incl: http://www.3beaches.com.au/melbournes-colourful-bathing-boxes/

2)  Water Houses, like in Malaysia and other beach resort locations.
These would be small, large and super house sizes.    4 -> 8 people in each.  2 families even as a lot accommodate for large family vacations.

As you can see they have a lot of function, range in colour and can be placed in water or land. 

3)  Houseboats, like they have on the Murray River :D
Sleeping room varies, from 2 (couple) up through to 12.  Standard in 8 in most, but I've seen many boats with 12 plus.  
Also, there are restaurant ones.  The idea would be like the Market BBQ etc, but on a boat :)

Ok, not sure my little Bannites can have hot spas, haha, but at least a floating bed :)

4)  a Fishing village
A combination of option 2, the Beach Resort Water House, but with fishing, so creating a fishing dock, but with adding a bedroom/home extension.
And have it lake buildable, using a "water" tag (i don't know a thing about modding, but using the same tags as a bridge and Discrepancy[/member] upgradeable bridge so you can fish from it.  It has occurred to me to fill a lake with those bridges, haha.  (Yes, I know there is a flatten terrain mod, I use it every village, but I like to see a water based house & lake fishing hut )

Thanks everyone for having a look at my ideas!!






brighton dec 16 second one.jpg



morning beach houses.jpg


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Bumping the topic for some more inspiration ;)

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Posted (edited)

Now that @Discrepancy has added some housing to his DS Jetty and Bridge mod, the options for overwater towns have increased quite a bit. I decided to do a large overwater settlement for the start area of my current game.

In the following image, I have jetties and buildings from the dock themed set from CC along with jetties and buildings from Discrepany's Jetty and Bridge set (along with some buildings from @Ketchup). Edit: Forgot to mention that I also make use of @Necora's Maritimes set for some fishing buildings



Edit again: Not the best picture to show off the village, I made this to illustrate a problem I was having with some trade posts on the CC Lake Waters maps.

Edited by KevinTheCynic
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