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Size Calculator for crop, pasture, orchard and cemetery fields

Prompted by a post I replied to in the Introductions thread, I figured it was probably worth posting the link to the Size Calculator from the Banished Info website. I've found it to be very useful however some of the CC animals were a little tricky to define based on the vanilla animals from Banished. For example, while it might be obvious that pigs, being about the same size as sheep, could use the same data for the Calculator, it's not so obvious with llamas. I found that llamas are equivalent to sheep for the purpose of working out pasture size with the Calculator.

(cut & pasted from my reply on the Introduction thread)

It lists the output values for various sizes of pasture, crop and orchard fields. You drag your cursor over the grid provided and the info box tells you the production output, number of workers or number of animals and so on.

I've found that you need to experiment a little with some sizes if you use certain mods (such as Colonial Charter) because they change the density of the field (for example, the dense orchard from CC has its best land use and production when made as a 5x15 field - that's not to say it has the best food production, I've found that this size is a good food producer without any wasted land use).


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