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Mod Request: UI & Menu update

Hi there,

Not sure if this can be done, in the 'new map' menu, the ability to save preset map seeds, and have a dropdown menu with the last X used?
When new mods are released, or existing ones updated, requiring a new map I like to use the one I'm currently playing on (52279960    Cattle        Valleys). 

I would like to see it independent of CC or MM as there are some players that don't use those mods for their starting conditions, as an example, I use @Discrepancy's DSSV V2 with the additional docks & waterways, so having a menu change based on CC or MM becomes a redundant request.

Is there a way to have the start menu changed to have this option?

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Nope :)

Storing information like that cant be done. We are unable to introduce new logic, all we can do is modify the things that already exist.

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