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How to let stockpile stored "Material" resource

I would like to let the stockpile which is from  original banished mod "storageYard.rsc" be stored "Material" type goods.

I just changed _storageFlags to "Fuel | Wood | Stone | Iron | Material" and rebuild this session.

StorageDescription storage
    RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Fuel | Wood | Stone | Iron | Material;
    bool _areaBasedLimit = true;
    bool _available = true;
    int _volumeLimit = 2500;

It didn't occur any bug or crash during rebuilding .rsc file, but it didn't work when I reinstalled .pkm file and started in a new game.

Do I miss something?o.O

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1 answer to this question

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Because the flag for Materials isn't called "Material".  We can't add new flags to the game, so we stole Coals flag and made it display the word Material instead of Coal.

You want it to say

RawMaterialFlags _storageFlags = Fuel | Wood | Stone | Iron | CoalFuel;

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