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Goofy Ways to Die

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I had one yesterday that just said "Tilly the child has died"

There was no other explanation, the weather & temperature were good so it wasn't death from exposure. There was plenty of food so it wasn't starvation. Tilly just stopped being alive o.O

And then this one today was amusing...


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Had these two deaths in the last couple of days. I found them amusing because like the earlier one I posted about Arling the Physician taking the wrong medicine, these two deaths are also by people who died as a result of screwing up something in their particular profession. You would think that they would be more aware of the dangers of their job! :D

Ignore the first one, death due to old age is kind of expected...


And again, death due to old age is to be expected but seriously Olli, a Gatherer not knowing which berries are safe to eat, shame on you! xD


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Hey @Banished&Used I can't say I have ever seen anyone other than miners or quarry workers getting crushed by rocks so this is a completely new one to me! :D

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Incest is starting to take it's toll O.o


weak heart.jpg

Edit: More bannies lost their lives :(

goofy death 2.jpg

goofy death 1.jpg

goofy death 3.jpg

My bannies stand on both sides of the law. But no one could argue they don't take their job seriously.

goofy death 5.jpg

goofy death 6.jpg

Edit 2:

goofy death 8.jpg

goofy death 7.jpg


Gotta love some of these, especially the farmer getting keelhauled :D


Edited by Banished&Used
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