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  2. sounds nice, any screenshot examples...?
  3. that was me, too! i was Bonkers for Bakeries! (i was craving donuts at the time.) oh, that was a great map... and even in winter, folks FLOCKED for cherry pie...
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  6. A couple of us have recently posted how we start a game HERE Most of the time, the best 1st food source is a Gathering Hut. There are a few starts that give you Rice as a 1st food; if you get Rice, you should also build a Dock Rice Planter right away before your people use up all of the Rice. It produces food all year.
  7. geez what is wrong with me, as soon as they make a new land they just die... they get hungry and freeze in place, it says searching for food they aren't going to find any there..!! they have to get back on the dock if they want food, but they can't move because why no food on the new land as of yet.. and they won't move to get on the dock, so well they just die.1!! I have no idea where the failure is but its a little hard to put food on the new land when they just got there.. They can't even build storage to house it let alone harvest any..
  8. Okay for the fun of it, I reloaded compat 1.07B CC1.75 1.07 and new Docks 1.07B and I have Mini Building by Black Liquid 1.05B and MM 1.06 B i think, where does new Docks go after I installed it. it show compa with compat 1.07 B but CC 1.75 is not compat and neither as is Mini Buildings, which I really need to play on an island. MM 1.06 is also Compat now Anyway the new Docks mod will it still even run if loaded after CC 1.75. I did have a crash and moved it above CC 1.75 and it all loaded fine but. I don't see any new buildings and mini building is working too when New Docks was loaded after 1.75 there was a nice chimes from Win 10 telling me I was immediately out of memory.. and i miss clicked to get it but still. that resulted in Steam 64bit, biting the dust once again.
  9. That is what i did, but, I shouln't have to babysit it... I'm not making Charcoal at this time.. it takes to much man power I don't have it to spare so to speak..
  10. uM i NEED THE lumber for the ,small quarry.. I don't like the return on the saw pit so I build the small sawmill early, the small plain one that uses only 2 workers? I started on a small island it only had so much iron ore.. I've been building a dock slowly to the main lands to get a mine and clean the land of ore and stone. it is year 7 or later now, I just made the shore and all my workers back home went idle they even stopped making, fire wood almost completely. My units have not had tools in a very long time, no iron, I did build a small housing unit far out on the dock, so workers can securely make the trip to help, but all that are going is 1 or 2 units of the dock community. the rest are all just wondering around, on the starting island, this has happend with Cold Realism mod and without the Cold Realism mod.. Why CC 1.75 and the mini building mod made by Black Liquid, Cold Realism or not.. Banished 1.07 non beta.. some one make up your minds on beta or no beta the CC 1.75 say 1.07 Banished, not Banished beta mod. I turned off Mega mod because the compat mod says its needs 1.07 beta.. and they haven't been playing very nice together.. so you have 3 items that all want something else from the other 2..
  11. Damn, I was afraid you were going to say that!
  12. What program is asking for a password? What does the error say? When you download the .rar file, you need to extract the file into a .pkm file. You can use a free program like 7-Zip File Manager if you don't have another program that does that. Then put the .pkm file into your Banished>Windata folder.
  13. I'm afraid I have no clue how/why/what's going on or how to fix it then.
  14. I have. It makes no difference. I have also tried not using the steam overlay. Again, no difference.
  15. Have you tried the "Use Software Mouse" option? If you use the Steam version of Banished, have you tried to disable the Steam Overlay, in case that's what's messing things up in-game after a recent Steam update? (I don't see why it'd do that, but better safe than sorry)
  16. Bear with me, long read. Starting 2 days ago, my trackball's scroll wheel starting acting 'funky' with Banished-only banished. It's like the scroll wheel is on turbo mode because whenever I use it, it keeps scrolling, even when I stop scrolling with it. This makes it impossible to play as every menu, like a trading post buy/sell menu, or even just moving around the board a constant struggle as scrolling is impossible to control or regulate. I have played banished close to 1800 hours. I understand all the menus, etc. I also understand my trackball settings. Nothing changed. But when I tried to play after months of doing so without any problems, this weird glitch started happening. A glitch that doesn't affect any other game or program. I have uninstalled, reinstalled the game, the mouse drivers, etc. There is no way to disable the scroll wheel without changing mice, which is my next step. But, after 1800 hours of playing and using either my slingblade or the previous Kensington trackball, my muscle memory is used to a scroll wheel and all the functions it can perform in the game. Anyone else have this problem or more importantly, have suggestions for maybe something I haven't tried? Thanks ahead of time
  17. So my issue with this was that the version of "Slightly Ridiculous Storage" I was using enabled markets to stock Luxuries. I updated it to the November 2017 version and rebuilt my markets, and things seem to work now. I'd have sworn I had updated that mod in December, but I guess it had escaped my Big Cleanup And Update spree. I don't know how it is with just CC 1.75, could be that there's a bit of an error but if you get one of the recently updated "Ridiculous Storage" mod loaded above CC, it should fix the issue once you rebuild the markets. There are versions of that mod that only increase the storage capacities by a littl bit, so it doesn't feel too "cheaty".
  18. Glad that's working! The 8 x 15 fields are my favorites too. They just work so well with the size of the buildings around.
  19. I'm afraid the climate is something that can't be changed after you've started. You have to pick it before the map gets generated.
  20. It worked, thank you. Although I have been having a lot more success with the 8x15 model for crops and orchards, with one worker per field.
  21. Is this savegame compatible? I'm not sure if I notice any difference after installing this.
  22. Winrar error, there's an alternative way to download it? torrent, mega? (Srry for my horrible english)
  23. Need Password, what is the password???? PLS!
  24. Hi. Just wanted to chime in and say that I am also experiencing the issue of my luxuries getting stored (and stuck!) in markets. I'm running CC 1.75 without MegaMod. I am not currently running Ridiculous Storage, but if that offers a temporary quick fix for this problem, then perhaps I shall. Thanks! ;-)
  25. I bought it on sale at Steam and the graphics are great, I played it for awhile, but the game is just too hard to be any fun. I haven't played it since... I'm hoping more modding comes to it.
  26. To whoever created the groundcover addition in the flower & plant section, I would just like to say THANK YOU!!! I just love this little addition. It looks so cool in pastures and also cemeteries, and it just comes in so handy for so many things. You mod people are awesome!
  27. I know there are different starting conditions, but what I'm asking is, is it possible to change the climate in a saved game? and yes, I should have done that in the beginning, but I didn't...
  28. There are several climates that don't have snow; they are listed here
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