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  3. I love the concept but the mod its self crashed my game repeatedly [a map will load but in a few minutes it will crash]. I run this mod along side mega mod and some inedible mods and I don't know why it keeps crashing.
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  5. I had that super annoying thing happen: I built a brand new animal field and after only a couple of years, maybe not even, it became infected. I'm not even joking. Brand, spanking new. That was the only field I had at the moment too. I am in the process of moving things around and building upwards. I needed a quick fix. I saw that fenceless, shelterless animal field and thought that was a perfect quick fix. Until I saw that it required wood to make. Why though? I can't really understand how a plain, fenceless, shelterless field would need wood. It doesn't make sense to me. My request would be to please remove the wood requirement. For a logical sense and for the sake of my poor sheepys.
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  7. Thanks for the reply, Stiles. I did figure out to clear the land going a few spaces beyond the reeds, and that worked.
  8. Hello: I am a native Texan now living in Illinois. I fell in love with banish due to the old school ideal and creating villages. I love the CC mod and the mega mods the most, but the mega mod crashes my game a lot. I hope to see a full on druid set come out soon. I have been playing simulation games since I was a teen and now that I am in my late 30s, I still cant get enough. Thank you for the awesome mods and hope to see more in the future.
  9. aahhh problem solved. Seems the other mod reduced the icon opacity to zero duh! Ignore me :0
  10. So subscribed to what I thought sounded like an interesting mod on Steam. Was a japanese mod translated into English but was too complicated for me lol had different money and alsorts so unsubscribed. Now I've no icons above buildings etc such as ? when a building is finished and awaiting workers, or up arrow when limits need raising. Tried loading and reloading but no luck
  11. You could also just get a bigger 2nd hard drive, that would be easier (for me anyway )
  12. The problem I am facing now is that the second drive has too much on it as well so shifting items from one drive to the other is not able to be done. I need to get myself an external hard-drive so I can store everything on that! The most irritating part is that my computer is only about four years old and came with 16 Gb of RAM so I "assume" that I have plenty for the games I'm playing. Sometimes it's not about how much RAM you've got, sometimes it's about how the game designer makes the game use the RAM. I believe that games like Cities: Skylines try to load all their assets (e.g. mods) into RAM so it is particularly hungry for RAM and not particularly good at using it. I think Banished might work in the same way Once I can get some space clear on both hard-drives I intend to swap the Documents folder to the second drive. Knowing that all of you i.e. @tweety, @khemari and @estherhb's husband have successfully done this already is good to know P.S. I don't know why I can't get estherhb's @ notification to work, worked fine for the other member's names, just not esther's
  13. Just as khemari and I both figured out, you can very easily move your documents folder to the second hard drive. Works like a charm. I hope it works for you! Of course if not enough RAM is the problem, then that's another thing to tackle...
  14. Hello everyone, I live in Canada. I've enjoyed Banished off and on for a few years now. It was exciting to see the latest version Journey was available and that got me playing again. Thanks to the Devs for your passion and hard work! Cheers!
  15. This is actually very interesting for another reason. This is a bit long so forgive me for the pre-amble but it's needed to provide some context because while @tweety doesns't seem to be having the problem that I am experiencing, I think they both originate from the same cause. I had a new town that I had started in October this year then I stopped playing Banished for a few weeks because I started to play Cities: Skylines again as well as an entirely different game called Heliborne. Cities: Skylines would run fine but about a three days ago the town would get to a certain size and then the game would crash due to a remapping allocation error (can't remember specifics). This error was due to not having enough virtual memory (and Cities: Skylines is a glutton for RAM & virtual memory when you've stacked the mods in). Other games run without problems. I checked my SSD (the main drive and the location of the virtual memory page file and it's also the location of my Banished saves in the Documents folder) and found that with all the mods I had crammed into a few games lately (the mod folders are in the Documents folder on C:) plus some major updates to games that I had installed onto C: (because it's SSD and the games run better on SSD) as well as a bunch of photos I am trying to edit, the drive now has only 6.6 Gig of 232 GB free. So I decided to switch to playing Banished because there were two new mods available and I wanted to try them. So I tried to run Banished yesterday after installing the new mods into WinData... The game crashes before the main loading screen can complete. The error is specifically "A fatal access violation has occurred in Runtime-steam-x64.dll and the game cannot continue! A crash dump has been saved to E:\Steam\steamapps\common\Banished\crash.dmp" So the situation is this, I have Steam installed on my secondary drive (E:) and that's were Banished is installed. However, Banished is saving it's games to the Documents folder on the main drive (C:). I have tried every one of the error fixes related to this sort of crash and the history of this particular crash shows that it happened most of the time back in the early days of the game for a variety of reasons, mostly in 2014 and 2015. I haven't seen any mention of this problem occurring during 2017 and I don't recall seeing any mention of Runtime errors associated with lack of drive space and I believe my particular problem with Banished is directly related to the lack of space on my main drive (for both the saved games and for virtual memory). Now I am an average computer user, I know enough to not have to call a tech every time something goes wrong but I do not know for certain that this is the cause. Nothing else has changed except for adding two new mods and my main drive getting too full so at best I am making an educated guess that the lack of drive space is the problem. But I sure would be happy to hear from anyone who actually knows about this kind of thing so that I can figure out if it is the problem. I am going to try moving the save games to the E: drive and see what result I get.
  16. Only had Central Markets in my town and both are storing the luxuries. I do have Ridiculous Storage and quite sure it is going to be v16 or older, but haven't had a chance to look. Issue doesn't actually bother me so probably will just leave it until I get around to it. Just was chiming in to support @eumelbear and make sure he knew he was not crazy. Or at least not any more crazy than the rest of us.
  17. Many of the drawings I see look like the red desert terrain and have rather smooth hills. Add red rocks. Maybe design some decorative spires and odd-looking large stones, some in oranges or even purples that people can add. Need different looking trees/plants. (Although re-coloring some of the current trees might do the trick). I don't think you can recolor the sky and water can you? Unfortunately, you can't modify the look of merchant boats to look like shuttle craft! But it's an interesting idea.
  18. I download the file but it´s the version 0.06, I don´t know if I’m wrong or the file is.
  19. you can put red dirt texture to the ground.... but no way to make the mountains look like if they would be from mars, the shape of those i mean ....
  20. Actually, I do remember a discussion along these lines. All that's needed is a modder (or 2 or 3) willing to give up all of his free time for the foreseeable future
  21. Yes - be sure to use v.17.
  22. hehe. first time i am seeing that one very original ^^
  23. Does it work for CC 1.75?
  24. A space themed DLC. To make an off world colony. Air as a required resource (Like food). Themed buildings. Etc.
  25. Hi there, Excellent! Thanks a million. Just tested it, works a treat. Thanks again! Best, Eumelbear
  26. You can upgrade from v16 to v17 midgame. The only thing is that the game doesn't like to change things that have already been built. So if you have a bugged Market, and you update the mod, that Market will still be bugged, but any new Markets that are built will be fixed.
  27. If you are using Ridiculous Storage v16, upgrade to v17 (just uploaded). That should fix the problem.
  28. Very attractive build. I really like your use of decorative plants.
  29. Yes, I see the college and library are included in the MM. I just don't see them in game. I assume they would be in the city services menu.
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