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  • DesoPL

    Everytime i start new game, sooner or later i got access violation error only on map size from CC. :( Demotivating... :(

  • AzemOcram

    I'm happy that Banished 1.0.7 is out of Beta but I'm sad that only "major" bug fixes will be released and modding will no longer be officially supported, making the buggy debug menu (which has certain buttons not working) more frustrating.

  • gowiththeflow

    Hi I have been waiting what feels like forever for Banished to come out of beta. Does anyone have any idea how much longer. Shinning Rock says soon in a June. 

  • PredatorBeing

    Oh, what I would give for larger window and  Drag & Drop ability on the mod ordering.  

  • Vrayna

    First vacations since Forever. I'm even forgetting I have a laptop in my bag! Taking naps is SO distracting. ^_^

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