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  • ShockPuppet

    Quite an interesting discussion happening internally about an upcoming feature. Going to be something completely new.

  • gowiththeflow

    I have been checking everyday hoping for the release of CC 1.7 keep up the good work.. Black Liquid team... I know my way around a computer and have played many Genre on PC and Xbox going back to Atari and Commodore 64 days. If I can in anyway help please let me know.

    Ride the Waves of Life.....Go with the Flow

  • ShockPuppet

    i spent all my free time today troubleshooting and fixing stuff and i didnt even get to start on the new Rustic Abode homes :/

  • cainacol12

    The holidays are done, my family is gone, and I've finished everything on my need to do left with 2 days left of no work. What ever shall I do, LMAO..... Banished of course.:D

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